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TPU hot melt omentum performance introduction
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Hot melt omentum is also known as double-sided adhesive, hot melt ironing (back) adhesive, etc., there are mesh and film, with double-sided bonding performance, widely used in clothing and various textile fabrics, sponges, non-woven between the adhesive, all kinds of pattern embroidery badges, armbands, and other rubber stamps and various textile labels paste as well as shoes, hats, leather goods production. It is easy to use, just place it in two layers of fabric to be pasted, and press it through an iron or a hot press. The product has stable quality, high bonding fastness, good air permeability, dry cleaning resistance, good washing performance, no foaming, no folding, no glue infiltration, soft and elastic feel. In addition, this product does not contain solvents, is non-toxic during operation, does not produce environmental pollution, and can also be used in furniture, wood industry, interior decoration, electronic materials, sound insulation materials and automotive ceiling and interior parts and other wide fields.

TPU hot melt omentum is a hot melt sheet product made of polyurethane as the main raw material. TPU hot melt omentum is washable, dry cleaning resistant, low temperature resistance of minus 20 degrees, high temperature resistance of 110 degrees, odorless, environmental protection, breathable, high bonding strength. Suitable for leather, sponge, underwear and other fields. This product is a solid film, the bottom with release paper, no viscosity at room temperature, uniform thickness. It is widely used in shoe composite, seamless underwear composite, sponge composite, clothing composite, wall fabric composite, leather composite and so on.

Properties of TPU hot melt omentum

Super adhesion: It can firmly bond all kinds of materials. In the manufacture of shoe materials, such as sports shoes, hiking shoes, etc., it can ensure the tight adhesion between the sole and the upper, and improve the overall durability of the shoe.

Excellent waterproof performance: With excellent waterproof performance, can effectively prevent water penetration. In tent production, the use of TPU hot melt omentum can tightly bond the various parts of the tent to form a waterproof layer to protect internal equipment and items from rain.

Good weather resistance: It can maintain stable performance under various climatic conditions. In extreme weather, such as cold or extreme heat, the TPU hot melt omentum can still maintain its adhesion and waterproof properties, ensuring the stability and durability of outdoor equipment.

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