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What are the characteristics of polyesterthermal fuse?
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Polyester thermal fuse mainly plays the role of thermal bonding, used in bondi yarn weaving, high strength webbing, wool carpet, padding, automotive lining and other industries. Widely used in a variety of clothing and decorative materials. Polyester can be used in industry for conveyor belts, tents, canvas, cables, fishing nets, etc., especially for tire polyester cord.

Polyester thermal fuseFeatures:

Soft feel: because it is a new type of functional fiber, its own characteristics make it soft and comfortable;

High strength: nearly 1 times higher than cotton, 3 times higher than wool, so polyester fabric is strong and durable;

Washable: It is connected to the instrument through thermal bonding with polyester, which makes cleaning simple and convenient;

High dyeability: polyester itself lacks hydrophilic groups or dye acceptor parts, so the dyeability of polyester is poor, can be dyed with disperse dyes or non-ionic dyes, but the dyeing conditions are harsh;

No pollution: Polyester hot fuse is an environmentally friendly material, which can effectively reduce the pollution to the environment.

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