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Xelong Group is a professional shoe textile material spinning, weaving, dyeing integrated supplier, founded in 1992, headquartered in China's shoe known as Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. Fujian Zhangping Xelong High-tech Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. leading products include: (1) nylon hot fuse, we are the domestic production and sales of large manufacturers, cost-effective among the best. (2) DevelopedTPU special filament (two-component composite) and other products to fill the domestic gap. (3) The introduction of hot melt omens has added a new force to the hot melt series of products. The launch of new materials will provide environmental protection, safety, excellent performance and better products for the development of footwear, clothing, luggage, furniture, decoration and other industries.

TPU special filament series

TPU Special monofilament (100%)

The product is made of the world famous chemical giant raw materials: environmentally friendly polyurethane by improved monofilament equipment. Product specifications: 150d, 350d, 450d, 600d, 750d, 1000d, 1200d, etc., this product features: high wear resistance, clear texture, high strength, good toughness, zigzag resistance, convenient molding processing, often used in warp knitting technology mesh, fly weaving, weft knitting and so on. The melting point can be selected from 120°C to 260°C.

TPU Special filament (100%)

The product is made of high quality, professional and environmentally friendly brand materials, and is made of special polyurethane spinneret drawing equipment unit and process. The product is resistant to hydrolysis, UV resistance, wear resistance, transparent, waterproof good, is a high-quality elastomer fiber, the world famous Adidas future 100% recycled shoes, is woven with this material.

Fujian ZhangpingXielong Group High-tech Chemical Fiber Company Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the 3s core service tenet: "saving time, cost savings, saving losses", advocates a total of industrial value, and is committed to providing a better solution for the overall industrial chain. Plan, welcome to buy the nylon thermal fuse,TPU special filament!

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