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TPU special filament with so many advantages
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Advantages of TPU special filament

TPU special filament is a relatively novel material, this material with the development of science and technology, has a certain degree of elasticity, salt resistance and corrosion resistance, so it can be used in life, in life can be used in many places, while TPU special filament has a very strong elasticity, with more than 450% elongation at break, it is very powerful, Its stretching after using TPU special filament, although the stretching time has strong resilience. TPU special filament has high compressive strength, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, acid inhibition, alkali resistance primer, light resistance, fabric is easy to clean and dry, with excellent shape preservation characteristics.

TPU special filamentis a material with strong appearance characteristics, and it has a very comfortable adhesion, no pressure on the skin, so TPU filament is mostly for clothes, etc. Now it also plays a very important role in other fields, and now understand the advantages of TPU special filament, indicating that there are many advantages of this material, and its corrosion resistance and sweat resistance are also high. So doing sportswear is a good advantage, you can understand its shortcomings, this material has a lot of advantages, but the disadvantage is that this material does not have a strong water absorption, but as a raw material can provide a lot of special clothing is a good material.

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