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China's textile and garment industry to the north open development conference held
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China's textile and garment industry opening up to the North conference was held in Harbin on January 12. By the China Textile Industry Federation and Harbin Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Harbin Institute of Technology high-tech, Hongbo business joint linkage, the establishment of "China textile and garment industry to the north open development Headquarters", gather high-quality textile and garment brands from Harbin to the world.

The conference was organized by the China Textile Industry Federation as the guiding unit, Harbin Municipal People's Government and China National Garment Association, China Fashion Designers Association, Heilongjiang Garment Footwear and Hat Industry Association, Hongbo Business, and hosted by Harbin Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Harbin Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Beijing Shengshijia International Cultural Development Co., LTD., Xicheng Red Square.

The leaders and guests attending the development conference are Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, Chen Dapeng, Vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China National Garment Association, Liu Xiang, Director of Industry Promotion Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mei Xinyu, Researcher of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, Yang Xiaodong, full-time Vice president of China National Garment Association. Wang Jun, Executive Chairman of China Apparel Forum; Luan Zhicheng, Standing Committee Member and Vice Mayor of Harbin Municipal Committee; Yin Chengyun, Deputy Secretary-General of Harbin Municipal People's Government; Jiang Xiaoning, President of Harbin Council for the Promotion of International Trade; Gao Dekang, Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of the Board and President of Bosideng Group; China Textile Industry Federation invited Vice President, Chairman of Heilongjiang Garment and Footwear Industry Association, General manager of Hongbo business Wang Limei, etc., they from the Chinese garment industry internationalization of industrial layout, marketing channels, cultural consensus, policy interpretation and other hot topics, for the industry to open up to the north, Chinese brands to the world, suggestions. At the same time, the conference also held the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation of "China Textile and Apparel Opening up to the North Development Headquarters".

China textile and garment industry Northbound opening development headquarters will build the public image of Chinese brands, establish cultural exchanges and people-to-people exchanges, expand new channels to promote brands, industrial agglomeration construction highland development concept, market-oriented, supported by internationally competitive high-quality brands, creative design as the engine, one-stop service as the guarantee, to expand the international trade market. Be a powerful international creative design center. And through cultural empowerment, scientific and technological innovation, promote the high-end manufacturing of textile and clothing, emerging materials, AI artificial intelligence and other related industries in the headquarters to form a sustainable industrial ecosystem, and drive the development of surrounding industries.

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