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What are the advantages of TPU special filament
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TPU special filament has high compressive strength, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance primer, light resistance, fabric is easy to clean and dry, with excellent shape preservation characteristics; TPU special filament is used to decorate and design the color of textiles, compared with real silk fabrics, its poor smooth, moisture absorption ability is strong, the water absorption performance of general artificial fibers is also good, can be used in acid dyes, disperse dyes and other dyes coloring, now to carry out scientific research on the technological characteristics of TPU special filament, think that the new production mode and parameter configuration, Consideration should be given to the application of new machinery and equipment.

Because the production equipment knows the different production and processing composition of Tpus, this kind of organization has a variety of color changes in the system software. The TPU special filament yarn produced and processed by selecting new materials and raw materials is made by the way of production, processing and spinning. Today's TPU special filament yarn has a strong high-temperature ductility resilience, strong wear resistance and heat resistance. Can be produced and processed into chemical fiber, is a thermosetting plastic chemical fiber, TPU special filament high melting point, small heat transfer, high melting point.

TPU special filament fiber line has high heat transfer coefficient and heat insulation characteristics, is the best characteristics of man-made fiber chemical fiber, has excellent thermosetting plastics, and is not easy to produce and process, so it is more resistant to wear than other chemical fibers and artificial fibers, at this stage, TPU special filament is called low solubility point chemical fiber, It is a special functional fiber TPU filament with a faster development trend in recent years. Its characteristics can be improved according to the adjustment of raw materials.

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