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The main uses of nylon thermal fuse
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Nylon thermal fuse and traditional polyester, polyamide, wool and other fibers blended into non-woven fabric or knitted or woven thermal adhesion fiber products, with soft feel, high strength, easy to wash, brittleness, easy to handle, does not pollute the environment and other characteristics.

Nylon thermal fuse low melting point, melting point 95℃, thermoplastic, good self-viscosity, heating to a specific temperature, will soften into a viscous liquid, has a specific liquidity, cooling solidification for solid.

The use of nylon thermal fuse:

At room temperature, the nylon thermal fuse and other fibers woven into fabric, and then in the dry heat or wet heat state, pressure is applied to the fabric, when the temperature is higher than the melting point of nylon hot fuse, hot fuse gradually melt. At this temperature, conventional fibers remain unchanged and are glued together by the hot fuse. Therefore, nylon hot fuse can replace glue and other chemical adhesives, avoid volatiles and powder layer pollution, and save the process flow, reduce the production cost of the downstream.

At present, nylon thermal fuse is widely used in outdoor sports shoes, casual shoe upper, sofa fabric, curtain window gauze, carbon fiber fabric styling, chenille yarn, bondi thread, suit lining, lace lace and glove hemlock yarn and other fields, nylon hot fuse is a high-tech product with great market prospects.

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