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Financial moistening textile dream transformation to the future
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The textile industry is the traditional advantage and pillar industry of Lanxi, which accounts for one-third of the industrial economy of Lanxi. In recent years, Lanxi has been focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, and proposed to build a series of goals, such as "typical industrial city in the new era", "smart manufacturing city", and "smart weaving demonstration site". Financial support is essential to achieving these goals. In the New Year, Lanxi will implement the financial drip irrigation project, and provide financial services for the transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises by strengthening financing docking, increasing government credit and optimizing digital lending, so as to promote the high-quality development of Lanxi's economy. Up to now, the loan balance of Lanxi textile enterprises reached 7.773 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 17.92%, maintaining three consecutive years of growth.

Financing docking loan enterprise transformation. Lanxi issued the Guidance on Lanxi Financial Institutions Supporting the Transformation and Upgrading of the Textile Industry, actively promoted the action of credit delivery, guided financial institutions to innovate financial products such as looms loan, continued to increase credit support for the textile industry, and focused on connecting digital transformation projects and smart factories. For example, the established textile enterprise Zhejiang Yuxin Textile Co., Ltd. started the industrial upgrading and successively built the combed cotton dense spinning project with an annual output of 15,000 tons. As the project investment is large, the enterprise capital turnover encountered difficulties. After understanding the situation, Lanxi Rural Commercial Bank quickly docking, to provide 9.6 million yuan credit support. Since the project put into operation, the daily output of the company has reached more than 45 tons, and the operating efficiency has been significantly improved. So far, loans to textile enterprises accounted for 30.92 percent of loans to manufacturing industries.

The government increases credit and expands financing channels. Lanxi revised and improved the Implementation Plan of Policy-based Financing Guarantee, actively promoted the action to improve financial services, expanded the access conditions of industrial enterprises, focused on supporting the intelligent manufacturing pilot enterprises in the textile industry, and reduced the guarantee cost. For example, Lanxi Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Guarantee Company provides a guarantee of 5 million yuan for Zhejiang Jinzhao Textile Co., LTD., a pilot enterprise of intelligent manufacturing. The company will purchase 40 looms for the new intelligent production line this year. Up to now, Lanxi City small and medium-sized enterprise guarantee company for 27 textile enterprises guarantee 107 million yuan.

Digital lending continues to drive enterprises across the bridge. Lanxi City formulated the "Transformation and Upgrading Plan of One-click Lending Platform", promoted the optimization of financial business environment, strengthened the optimization of data intelligent identification, simplified approval process and background data analysis, and provided textile enterprises with capital bridge services through online application and online approval. For example, Lanxi Xinda Weaving Co., Ltd. applied for enterprise special transfer loan funds through the one-click transfer loan platform, and completed the approval process of transfer loan in only 3 working days without going to the department, which was half of the original 7 days. Up to now, Lanxi City one key loan platform for 22 textile enterprises to transfer 120 million yuan.

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