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The spinning city "blows" the pastoral forest wind
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At the beginning of the year, a healing series of new drama "Go Where the wind" caused concern, the heroine of the pastoral wear with healing and gentle, let people full of praise. This fashion has also blown to the textile city, fresh and refined pastoral forest wind, will certainly set off a wave in the fashion industry this summer.

Pastoral Mori style is a combination of summer, retro and modern fashion style, with full elegance, and both historical charm and fashion sense of the shape, is to bring visual enjoyment. The essential element of pastoral style should be small floral. In China textile city market, summer fabrics with floral elements have been quietly listed. In this season full of flowers, summer chiffon fabrics perfectly interpret the colorful "world of flowers". Small floral prints have long been popular in the fashion world, but this year's summer chiffon fabric combines multiple processes to make the fabric more flexible.

"Based on popular trends and small floral elements, we added floral burning to the printing process, which has been well received." Weisen Textile sales manager Yin Hua said, "burn flower" is also known as "rotten flower", through reagents to corrode and destroy the fiber, through a series of chemical reactions to the surface of the fabric with a variety of patterns, so that the finished fabric has a good three-dimensional sense, elegant garden wind with a modern fashion.

The fresh and indifferent color and simple style are also the primary elements of the pastoral style. The elegant and versatile earth color dress can highlight the atmosphere of the pastoral style. The brown dress is both temperament and white. 

Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, you can also "live" in the countryside. The countryside is designed to satisfy people's desire for nature. With a cup of coffee and a book, you can make your life beautiful like a poem.

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