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How to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation in textile industry?
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How to promote the employment development of textile graduates? Zen City textile enterprises how to solve the problem of employment? How to better develop school-enterprise cooperation? With these issues in mind, on March 23, Chancheng District Federation of Industry and Commerce led a group of textile enterprises to Guangdong Vocational and Technical College for discussion and exchange.

This exchange activity is sponsored by Chancheng District Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chancheng District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Chancheng District Zhangcha knitting clothing industry Association more than 20 member enterprises participated in the activity. By holding school-enterprise exchange activities, the organizers hope to better promote school-enterprise cooperation in "production, learning, research, application" and other aspects.

As a traditional industry, how to transform and upgrade the textile and garment industry is the main topic facing the whole industry. This is also the relevant colleges and universities to cultivate talents to think about the main topic.

Textile and garment major is the characteristic major of Guangdong Vocational and Technical College. Liu Kelong, Party secretary of the university, said industrial transformation requires the university to further promote the integration of industry and education and cultivate versatile talents to cope with the development situation. He introduced that in recent years, Guangdong Vocational and Technical College has launched the curriculum system of "creativity + design", "innovation + technology" and "entrepreneurship + marketing", with the goal of cultivating interdisciplinary textile and garment talents who are creative, understand design, craft, innovative, good at marketing and entrepreneurial, and build first-class high-level professional group of textile and garment.

"You can't do vocational education if you leave the enterprise." Liu Kelong expressed the hope to enhance exchanges and cooperation with enterprises, to understand the needs of enterprises, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

The textile industry is an important traditional industry in Chancheng, and the textile enterprises in Chancheng are also an important destination for talents transportation of Guangdong Vocational and Technical College. Facing the new situation of industrial transformation and development, it has become an important consensus of school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate interdisciplinary talents in the field of textile and garment.

"High-quality development of textile enterprises needs the support of high-quality talents." Pang Runwu, president of Chancheng District Zhangcha Knitwear Industry Association and chairman of Foshan Sanshui Lianrun Dyeing and Finishing Co., LTD., said that enterprises should actively cooperate with schools, excavate and cultivate talents, and improve the theoretical level and technical level of the textile industry.

"Enterprises need interdisciplinary talents who understand both the operation logic of the textile industry and e-commerce marketing." Pang Zhenquan, general manager of Foshan Molik Household Fabric Co., LTD., said that online channels have become the main channel for textile products sales, and enterprises lack the appropriate talent. He hopes that the university can make students closer to the enterprise in terms of distance and career development, and strengthen the connection between talents and enterprises. "Most of Foshan's textile enterprise headquarters are in Chancheng, which has the most fertile soil for the development of the textile industry." Pang Zhenquan believes that the school can do more solid Chancheng campus, so that textile talents feel the industry atmosphere, so that enterprises recruit talent more convenient.

Retaining talent is another pain point for textile enterprises. Hu Xiulian, president of Foshan Kerida Textile Testing Technology Service Co., LTD., and Qin Bihong, quality control manager of Foshan Jiaqian Textile Co., LTD., both mentioned this problem, hoping that the two sides can discuss and solve it together.

Foshan Hui Cotton Textile Co., LTD. Chairman Hu Jun to the industry new types of talent cultivation. He said that with the development of personalized customization of clothing, quantity and body teacher is a new talent training point, "I hope the school can explore with enterprises to open relevant courses."

On the spot, Liu Kelong recorded the entrepreneur's opinions and suggestions, and released his phone number to the entrepreneur on the spot. "We can consider setting up industrial colleges to connect schools, students and businesses. If you have a problem, you can call me.

"The purpose of this discussion is to enhance mutual understanding between the school and the enterprise, to integrate the profession into the industry, and to enhance the feasibility of cooperation." He Shuying, deputy head of the United Front Work Department of Chancheng District Party Committee and Party secretary of the district Federation of Industry and Commerce, said that both sides should strengthen "current thinking" and optimize school-enterprise collaboration around the realistic needs of the transformation and development of the textile industry. He hopes that the school can contribute wisdom and strength to the development of Chancheng's textile industry brand, and the enterprise can provide support for the school's professional development and talent cultivation, so that both sides can form closer cooperation in the aspects of "production, learning, research and application".

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