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What is the melting point of nylon thermal fuse?
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Hot fuse, also known as low melting point fiber, is one of the functional fibers that develop rapidly in recent years. The hot fuse is divided into polyester hot fuse and nylon hot fuse. The melting point can be controlled between 85℃ and 180℃ by adjusting the raw material characteristics. At present, hot fuse is widely used in outdoor athletic shoe face, casual shoe upper, sofa fabric, curtain window gauze, carbon fiber fabric styling, chenille yarn, bondi thread, suit lining, lace lace and glove hemlock yarn and other fields, it is a high-tech product with huge market prospects.

Nylon thermal fuse has low melting point, thermoplasticity and self-viscosity. When heated to a certain temperature, it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid with a certain fluidity, and then resolidify into a solid after cooling. Hot fuse and conventional polyester, nylon, wool or other fibers mixed to produce nonwovens or knitted or woven into thermal adhesion fiber products characteristics: soft feel, high strength, washable, crisp, easy to manage, no environmental pollution, etc.

Performance characteristics of nylon thermal fuse:

1. Low melting point, the melting point of nylon hot fuse is as low as 90C.

2. Good wear resistance. The wear resistance of polyamide fiber is the best among all textile fibers.

3, high breaking strength, the breaking strength of polyamide fiber fiber for textile use is 5.0~6.4g/d.

4, good dyeing, the dyeing of polyamide fiber is more difficult than natural fiber, but it is still easier to dye than other synthetic fibers, generally with acid dyes.

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