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The second meeting of the fifth Member Congress of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association was held in Xi 'an
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On March 8, the second meeting of the fifth member Congress of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association was held in Xi 'an. Xia Min, Secretary-General of China Textile Industry Council, Xiang Hongru, Vice President of Shaanxi Economic Association, Dai Hong, Vice President of Xi 'an Polytechnic University, Li Yue, Minister of Industry Department of Shaanxi Economic Association, Yan Jiamin, President of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association, Li Shusheng, Secretary-General of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association, Liu Manli, first-class researcher of Shaanxi Economic Association, Tong Qigang, Deputy Director of Consumer Goods Department of Shaanxi Industry and Information Technology Department Zhu Bin, Vice Chairman of Finance, Trade and Light Industry Union of Shaanxi Federation of Trade Unions, and main leaders of key textile, garment, home textile, spinning machine, institutions and other enterprises in Shaanxi textile industry attended the meeting, which was presided over by Li Shusheng.

Dai Hong, Vice president of Xi 'an Polytechnic University, mentioned in his speech that the development of Xi 'an Polytechnic University originated from textile and garment, enriched and expanded textile and garment. It has strong scientific research strength and talent training level in industrial textile design, dyeing, finishing technology, clothing engineering, textile intelligent equipment and textile economic management. In recent years, the university has established a textile innovation research institute in the textile industry cluster, cooperated with leading textile enterprises, and established an industrial research and development talent training base, forming a textile talent training system featuring school-local school-enterprise cooperation, collaborative innovation of producing area research, and coordinated development of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral education, which contributes to scientific and technological progress and regional economic and social development of the textile industry. It has cultivated tens of thousands of high-quality interdisciplinary talents and top-notch innovative talents. The second meeting of the fifth Member Congress of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association was held in Xi 'an Polytechnic University, hoping to take this opportunity to deepen exchanges and enhance cooperation.

Yan Jiamin, President of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association, made a report on 2023 to the conference on behalf of the association. It is mentioned in the report that since the 14th Five-Year Plan, the textile industry in Shaanxi Province has made steady progress in scientific and technological innovation, brand building and green development, and made good achievements, making important contributions to the rapid economic and social development of the province. In 2022, the association assisted the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Xi 'an Polytechnic University in compiling the "14th Five-Year Plan" for Textile Industry Development of Shaanxi Province in half a year. Successfully completed the re-election of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association; Fostering new industrial clusters to promote the healthy development of Shaanxi textile; Various professional committees of the association have carried out colorful activities, which have well promoted the healthy and rapid development of the textile and garment industry in our province. By promoting advanced experience of old factory renovation of 3511 Industrial Co., LTD., compiling and publishing Brochure for Member Units of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association, and assisting the activities of "2022 Textile and Garment Superior Supply to Promote Upgrading", etc., we will do a good job in coordinating services for the development of the textile industry.

President Yan Jiamin said that the association will further play a role in the New Year, from adhering to the stability of progress, to promote the development of the industry; Gather target tasks, fully perform duties as; Carry out research and visit, strengthen the service function; Strengthen association construction and improve service quality; To strengthen political guidance, work in the four aspects of political direction, ensure the successful implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", wholeheartedly serve the member units and textile enterprises, and promote the high-quality and rapid development of Shaanxi textile industry.

The meeting honored the 2022 advanced collective and advanced individual, Shaanxi Wuhuan (Group) Industrial Co., LTD and other 24 enterprises won the title of "Advanced Unit of Production and Operation", Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., LTD and other 23 units won the title of "Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation", Shaanxi Northwest Ermian Industrial Co., LTD and other 10 units won the title of "Advanced Unit of Creating Harmony", Wang Ping 'an and other 57 comrades won the title of "Advanced Pipe" 67 comrades including Zhao Yaobin won the title of "Advanced Employee". Wang Yangjun, general manager and executive director of Shaanxi Cotton Textile Technology Journal Co., LTD., won the award of advanced manager.

Zhao Lihui, chairman of Shaanxi Boyu Textile Co., LTD., Gu Zhihong of Ankang Xinlexiang Textile Industry and Trade Co., LTD., and Wang Dan, leader of Mengtao Group of Xianyang Textile Group Co., LTD., spoke on behalf of advanced collective and advanced individual. In 2022, textile enterprises in Shaanxi Province made due contribution to China's goal of becoming a strong textile country. A large number of advanced collectives, model workers and advanced workers emerged, who overcome difficulties and actively practice to play a leading role in industry development.

The secretary-general of China National Textile Industry Federation, Xiaomin, made a keynote speech on "Building a modernized textile industry system with firm confidence" at this meeting, and made a simple analysis and report on the economic operation of the textile industry in 2022 and the development outlook of the textile industry in 2023. He mentioned that in 2022, under the influence of the repeated evolution of the global epidemic, increasing economic downside risk, intensifying geopolitical crisis, commodity price fluctuations, inflation, monetary policy and other factors, the development of the textile industry is under great pressure, the industrial production fluctuation decreases, and the domestic market is under pressure. In 2023, the domestic market of textiles and clothing is expected to recover smoothly. The recovery of the consumer end is supported by positive support, and new development opportunities such as new consumption concepts and online channels are worth looking forward to.

At the meeting, Secretary General Xiaomin put forward the following suggestions on the future development of textile and garment industry in Shaanxi Province:

2. Highlight characteristics and strengthen advantageous industries: cotton spinning, knitting, clothing, industrial textiles, new materials and other fields to further strengthen and consolidate;

3. Promote industrial agglomeration development and build a sound industrial ecology full of vitality;

4. Accelerate industrial digital transformation and improve the modernization level of industrial chain and supply chain;

5, go out, domestic investment and investment, international open cooperation;

6. Intensify efforts to attract and cultivate talents.

Xiang Hongru, Vice president of Shaanxi Economic Association, mentioned in his speech: From the development of the national textile industry, there are some key problems affecting the sustainable and healthy development of the textile industry in our province, resulting in slow development of the textile industry, compared with the sustained and rapid development of the developed provinces in the central and eastern parts of the country, obviously backward. First, the level of industrial development is obviously backward; Second, the industrial scale is relatively small; Third, the industrial structure is not reasonable; Fourth, the innovation ability is obviously insufficient; Fifth, there is a serious shortage of talent funds. The reasons for the slow development of the textile industry in our province are many, and we need to deeply analyze and think, and to solve these problems is exactly the opportunity for the better development of our textile and garment enterprises. In the past two years, the textile industry in our province has emerged Ankang, Qian County, Changxing Town of Mei County and other new clusters, becoming a new force for the development of the industry. Shaanxi Economic Association this year also plans to organize relevant units to conduct a serious study on how to develop the textile industry in high quality and put forward constructive suggestions to the government.

The second meeting of the fifth session of the Member Representative Congress of Shaanxi Textile Industry Association has successfully concluded. Under the guidance of high-quality development goals and tasks, the textile industry of Shaanxi province must strengthen confidence, pursue progress while maintaining stability, forge ahead vigorously and break the waves to seize the new positioning of the textile industry in the new era, complement each other's advantages and develop together.

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