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The traditional consumption season is approaching, the textile market is expected to warm
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According to the Trade agency Price Monitoring, in the list of commodity prices rising and falling in the 8th week of 2023 (February 20-February 24), there were four kinds of commodities in the textile sector that increased from the previous month, and the top three commodities that increased were PTA(2.71%), spandex (1.32%) and polyester DTY(0.62%).

There were a total of 5 kinds of commodities with a month-on-month decline, and the top 3 products were polyester staple fiber (-1.21%), polyester POY(-1.17%) and polyester FDY(-0.36%). Weekly average up or down 0.08%.


The domestic PTA market has stopped falling. At present, under the continuous low processing fee, it is still necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and negative dynamic of Dachang. In addition, the rigid demand margin has picked up, although weak orders will still inhibit demand sustainability. With the start of the "gold, silver and silver" traditional peak season, demand is expected to pick up, PTA inventory accumulation slower, short-term PTA prices will rise in a narrow range.

Polyester filament:

At the downstream demand end, the opening probability of terminal weaving is increased, and the terminal order is slightly improved. The comprehensive opening probability of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms is increased to more than 67%. However, the progress of terminal recovery is slow, new orders are not actively followed up, and demand expectations are still unfulfilled. In the afternoon market, cost support superposition demand is expected to warm, polyester filament prices will be stable in the warm run.


Domestic spandex market recovery, the cost side of good support, individual spandex manufacturers have good expectations for the market, coupled with long-term losses in the industry, some factory offers significantly increased, the transaction focus slightly moved up. With the arrival of the downstream peak season, the market is still relatively optimistic about the demand end, and the price of spandex is expected to maintain a strong operation.

Viscose staple fiber:

The wait-and-see sentiment accumulates in the viscose staple fiber market, its own supply may increase in the later stage, the terminal recovery is slow, the weak demand end is transmitted from the bottom to the top, the whole industry chain of viscose staple fiber is depressed, it is expected that there is no significant improvement in the short term, the wait-and-see sentiment accumulates, the price rise is still weak, and the price will still run temporarily in the short term.

In the afternoon market, with the arrival of the traditional consumption season, the terminal weaving opening probability will gradually climb, the demand will improve, the textile market is expected to warm.

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