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Meet provincial spinning, win-win future! Keep innovation, endeavor symbiosis!
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In order to actively respond to the national call, steadily promote carbon peak carbon neutrality, and achieve the goal of "30·60", on the morning of February 23, Guangdong Textile solemnly held the "2022 Guangdong Textile Global Suppliers Conference (Zero Carbon Conference)" in the North hall (main venue) on the 18th floor of Yue Textile Building. The theme of the conference is "Meet Provincial Textile, win-win future -- adhere to the right innovation, strive for symbiosis".

This conference will continue to take the way of offline main venue of Yue Textile Building + cloud live broadcast +Zoom online meeting, and nearly 5,000 supplier representatives from the United States, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other countries as well as 150 sub-venues in China will attend the conference. Cao Jiachang, President of China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Chen Nansheng, deputy general manager of Guangxin Holding Group, attended the meeting to guide and deliver a speech.

The conference is chaired by Huang Jiani, deputy general manager of Guangdong Textile. First of all, the Chairman of Guangdong Textile Chu Kunming made a welcome speech on behalf of the company. Chu Dong expressed his warm welcome to all the leaders, customer representatives, supplier representatives and representatives of third-party institutions attending the conference, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone for their trust and support for Guangdong Textile over the years. In the speech, Chu Dong introduced the strategic blueprint of Guangdong Textile in the future from the four aspects of the company's strategic value system, strategic framework system, strategic goal system and strategic execution system, and elaborated on the business strategy level, mainly to deepen and strengthen the synchronization of the "four modernizations" in the trade field: trade materialization, trade specialization, trade internationalization and trade digitalization. Chu Dong said that under the strategic guidance of Guangxin Group, it will make every effort to realize the transformation goal of "extreme professional type, limited diversified type, independent production type, integrated innovation type and overall service type", strive to be a world-class trading group of "five types in one", and strive to become the main chain enterprise of Guangxin Group's international trade plate. For the future development, Chu Dong pointed out that we will constantly promote industrial innovation and product iteration from the perspective of innovation, and strive to grasp the three curves of business innovation and growth. The first curve: share breakthrough of existing categories based on existing customers and customer breakthrough based on existing categories; Second curve: Category breakthrough based on existing customers; Third curve: Model breakthrough based on existing expertise. Focus on business innovation as an important breakthrough, and strive to grasp the opportunity of leapfrog growth in the supply chain restructuring reform.

In 2022, we would like to express our satisfaction and congratulations on the good results achieved in overcoming adversity. On behalf of Guangxin Group, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the major third-party organizations and suppliers for their support to Guangdong Textile. Mr. Chen emphasized that at present, the Group is walking on the fast track of high-quality development and forging ahead towards the set goal of being one of the World's top 500 high-quality companies. Therefore, in order to help the group achieve its goals as soon as possible, each business segment of the Group needs to reshape its business from an innovative perspective and achieve leapfrog development. It is hoped that Guangdong Textile will introduce and integrate data resources and information technology of strategic investors as soon as possible, accelerate the improvement of digital production capacity and industrial collaboration of textile and garment supply chain, and realize the intelligent upgrade of supply chain and a major breakthrough in business model.

At this year's Global Suppliers Conference, we have the honor to invite Mr. Cao Jiachang, President of China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, to deliver a speech. President Cao made a specific introduction and analysis of the characteristics of textile and garment export last year, and affirmed the strategic path of value creation based on the platform and the mutually beneficial and coordinated development of enterprises in the ecosphere by actively adjusting the development strategy of Guangdong Textile in recent years, positioning itself as the organization and manager of the supply chain, building and perfecting the supply chain service platform and creating the supply chain ecosystem.

Then, General Manager of Guangdong Textile Yang Quanxing gave a keynote speech at the conference. General Manager Yang focused on the complex and changeable political situation of Guangdong Textile in the past year and the severe situation of global industrial chain and supply chain reshaping. Guangdong Textile seized the strategic window period of the adjustment of global industrial chain and supply chain, and applied new materials, new technology, new process and new design platform. It has improved the autonomous and controllable ability and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain, strengthened the research on customers and the integration of supply chain resources, and strengthened the awareness of opportunities and risks, stabilized orders and growth, and realized the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and high-quality development. General Manager Yang emphasized that the company should take "jumping out of provincial textile to look at provincial textile, based on the market to look at provincial textile, station wide new look at provincial textile, look at the world to look at provincial textile" as the strategic vision, "marketing internationalization, production internationalization, internationalization of Taiwan, internationalization of talent" as the four grasp, with digital transformation as the core foundation, to realize the leap-forward sustainable development of Guangdong provincial textile. In addition, it also shared the measures and achievements of Guangdong Textile in promoting the implementation path of supply chain dual-carbon transformation.

Mr. Zong Jia, CTO, Mr. Li Yuan, Vice President of Guangzhou Carbon Exchange, the national carbon trading pilot Exchange and the only carbon emission quota issuing and trading platform designated by Guangdong Provincial government, addressed the conference. Cynthia Ho, Senior VP of TARGET, a large retailer in the US, OTTO Key Account General Manager, the world's largest mail-order company, Mr. Hu Wei and Mr. Wu Guangyu, President of Dun & Bradstreet China, a global business decision information and analysis service, delivered their speeches by video. The speeches of the guests were wonderful, offering a feast of thoughts to the delegates.

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