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Fly woven polyester thermal fuse vamp
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Polyester thermal fuse is mixed with conventional polyester or other fibers to produce nonwoven fabrics or knitted or woven thermal adhesive fiber products. It has the characteristics of soft feel, high strength, washable, crisp, easy to take care of and no environmental pollution.

Polyester thermal fuses: Mainly plays the role of thermal bonding, used for Bundy yarn weaving, high strength webbing, wool carpet, padding, automotive lining and other industries.

Then you know polyester hot fuse plays a lot of role in the manufacture of flying shoes.

3d fly woven vamp is made of polyester fiber and other materials, knitted with a variety of different densities, the whole vamp is woven with a variety of yarn, no needle-car stitching, no increase in weight, no friction area. Flying woven vamp is a whole piece from toe to ankle, which can effectively fit the whole foot, so that the vamp is more fit with the foot; At the same time, in the forming process of the upper, according to the different parts of the shoe, supplemented by different knitting density, play a combination of soft and hard effect, to ensure that the upper has good air permeability, softness.

Flying woven upper is made of yarn, which usually uses materials such as polyester thermal fuse, nylon hot fuse, TPU special filament, etc. Polyester thermal fuse is a low melting point fiber, which can be controlled between 85℃ and 180℃ by adjusting raw material characteristics. At room temperature, the hot fuse and other fibers are woven into fabric, and then in the dry heat or wet heat state, the pressure is applied to the fabric. When the temperature is higher than the melting point of the hot fuse, the hot fuse gradually melts. At this temperature, conventional fibers remain unchanged and are glued together by the hot fuse. Therefore, hot fuse can replace glue and other chemical adhesives, avoid volatiles and powder layer pollution, environmental protection and non-toxic; At the same time save the process flow, reduce the downstream production cost. The melting point of existing polyester hot fuse is generally above 100℃, and the anti - UV performance is limited.

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