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Southern and northern Jiangsu complementary advantages to promote the development of high-end textile industry
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The real economy is the lifeblood of economic development. At this year's two sessions in Jiangsu Province, Shen Jianlun, a member of the Jiangsu CPPCC and general manager of Jiangsu Tongkun Hengyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. paid attention to the development of the textile industry. He suggested that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the next period, Jiangsu textile industry should focus on the high-end, pay more attention to the textile industry in northern Jiangsu and southern Jiangsu mutually promote and complement each other's advantages, and strive to build a world-class high-end textile industry cluster.

Jiangsu is a major province in the textile and garment industry, with a sound industrial foundation and abundant deposits. For 36 consecutive years, the total industrial volume of Jiangsu ranked first in China, and it was ranked as a trillion-level industry for 8 consecutive years. In recent years, the textile industry in Zhejiang, Fujian and other places has developed rapidly, and the scale gap with Jiangsu has been narrowing. From within the province, influenced by cost and other factors, Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu textile industry giants are gradually moving to northern Jiangsu.

How does the province keep leading position in the national textile industry and go to the world? Shen Jianlun said that the textile industry cluster market in northern Jiangsu has a nascent scale, but due to the poor foundation and weak foundation, the difficulties and problems encountered in the development process need to be solved. Therefore, he suggested that the government implement the "wisdom change number change" for the newly built textile projects or textile enterprises with high scientific and technological content and strong leadership in northern Jiangsu, strengthen support for scientific and technological innovation, and promote the quality and efficiency of enterprises; We will set up textile related majors in colleges and universities in northern Jiangsu, and support the establishment of vocational schools and institutions of higher learning to train textile talents.

In the short term, the textile industry in northern Jiangsu has a large increase in investment, but the original industrial base is small, and the room for regulation in energy consumption is small. In addition, affected by international demand and the epidemic, some enterprises are not working enough, and the unit energy consumption increases. In order to ensure the construction and order, they have to purchase energy consumption indicators from southern Jiangsu. "We hope to consider the allocation of energy consumption indicators as a whole, give preference to high-end textile projects with high utilization efficiency and rapid development in northern Jiangsu, and consider transferring energy consumption indicators to major textile projects transferred from developed areas to northern Jiangsu." Shen Jianlun suggested.

The textile industry has a high external correlation and a large volume of import and export transactions, but the construction of comprehensive bonded zones in northern Jiangsu lags behind, Shen Jianlun said. For example, the bonded zone in Suqian has not been completed yet, and its functions and businesses are relatively simple after completion. In this regard, Shen Jianlun suggested that the national and provincial textile industry conferences led or organized by relevant provincial departments should be held in northern Jiangsu as far as possible, and the Jiangsu Textile Expo and textile exhibition organized by industry associations should be held alternately in southern and northern Jiangsu. To support the construction of a large textile and garment trading market in northern Jiangsu, support the leading textile and garment enterprises in the province to establish their group headquarters in northern Jiangsu, and create a number of well-known product trading and distribution centers. In particular, support the construction of an online textile trading market by taking advantage of Suqian's e-commerce advantages, so as to promote Jiangsu textile to the world.

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