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How is nylon thermal fuse treated for corrosion resistance?
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Nylon thermal fuse is mixed with conventional polyester or other fibers to produce nonwovens or knitted or woven into heat-bonded fiber products. Nylon thermal fuse is a product made of polyamide fiber processed to a specific fineness. Nylon thermal fuse has low melting point, thermoplasticity and self-viscosity. When heated to a specific temperature, it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid with specific fluidity. After cooling, it will be resolidified into a solid.

Do you know how nylon thermal fuse is treated for corrosion resistance?

In the moisture-proof and anti-fouling solution of the product, the ideal raw materials for production and processing are selected first, and then textile materials are produced and air-dried at the bottom of the product, so as to improve its wear resistance and compressive strength. At the same time, the structure of the product under different temperatures is mastered, so as to improve its performance, so as to increase the new compressive strength when applied. Thus taking into account the expected effect of product solutions, scientific research is now carried out on its performance, mainly to improve its performance, such as the main harm to its performance.

The relative density method is used for hook-like nylon thermal fuse, aiming at the natural environment binding degree is better, the characteristics of different temperature products have some harm, the proportion correlation of typical products at present in the percentage error proportion is small, and can be used to measure and predict the analysis of different temperature products, its application range is within the specific error range, in addition, Consideration is also given to the use of applied compressive strength and structural compressive strength obtained by the customer, so that the customer gets the ideal product.

The use of nylon thermal fuse compression strength calculation method, according to the production process in alkali resistance and thermal scientific research, the key is to combine the alkaline resistance deep processing of the whole process, in order to increase the alkali resistance of its polyester, the key is to include in the product performance test, while taking into account its alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of the wire provisions.

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