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The main function and use of nylon thermal fuse
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Hot fuse can be divided into nylon thermal fuse and polyester thermal fuse. Today Xiaobian wants to introduce nylon thermal fuse.

Nylon hot fuse is a special nnylon thermal fuse after the change of glue, bonding, environmental protection and safety without odor, is a rapidly developing high-tech products in the world.

Nylon thermal fuse is a kind of textile fiber processing into a certain fineness products, used for weaving, rope making, thread making, knitting and embroidery. Nylon hot melt wire is made of polyamide fiber processed to a certain fineness. Nylon fiber scientific name is polyamide fiber, its original DuPont company produced polyadiptyl adiptyl diamine trade name, that is, generally known as nylon hexagon. Polyamide fiber is the first synthetic polymer commercialized synthetic fiber product.

Performance characteristics of nylon thermal fuse:

1. Low melting point, the melting point of nylon hot fuse is as low as 90? C.

2, good sex, polyamide fiber sex is all textile fibers.

3, high breaking strength, the breaking strength of polyamide fiber fiber for textile use is 5.0~6.4g/d.

4, good dyeing, the dyeing of polyamide fiber is more difficult than natural fiber, but it is still easier to dye than other synthetic fibers, generally with acid dyes.

It can replace polypropylene, polyamide hot melt adhesive in some fields, but also has its own application field. It is used in hot air vamp manufacturing, yarn manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, clothing stitching lock, soft gauze curtain vertical curtain and other textile fields.

【 Melting point 】110℃-.130℃. Hot fuse (full melt type low melting point fiber) range of use: 3D vamps, high strength bondi line, high strength webbing, non-woven fabric, spray cotton, sanitary materials, padding, mattress, automobile lining and other industries.

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