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Nylon thermal fuse factory to find Xelong, quality assurance!
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What is the material of nylon thermal fuse? Nylon thermal fuse wire is a kind of textile fiber processing into a certain fineness products, used for weaving, rope making, thread making, knitting and embroidery Nylon thermal fuse is made of polyamide fiber processed to a certain fineness.

Nylon thermal fuse wire is a special nylon thermal fuse after the change of glue, bonding, environmental protection and safety without odor, is a rapidly developing high-tech products in the world. Nylon thermal fuse has low melting point, melting point95℃, thermoplastic, self-adhesive good, after heating to a certain temperature, will soften into a viscous liquid, has a certain liquidity, cooling solidification for solid.

Nylon thermal fuse and traditional polyester, polyamide, wool and other fibers blended into non-woven fabric or knitted or woven thermal adhesion fiber products, with soft feel, high strength, easy to wash, brittleness, easy to handle, does not pollute the environment and other characteristics.

Nylon thermal fuse mainly plays the role of thermal bonding, used for flying woven uppers, socks shoes, webbing, chenille, thread connection line, lace, bondi thread weaving, webbing, wool carpet, padding, automotive lining and other industries.

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