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Textile chemical fiber market in nearly half a year or will usher in large fluctuations
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In nearly half a year, influenced by multiple factors, the stock market of textile chemical fiber will usher in large fluctuations. At present, with the optimization of the background of epidemic prevention and control, terminal orders will pick up in stages, and some purchasers will be bottom-fishing operations. The polyester market may stop falling and rebound in the near future. But the official forecast of raw material gains before the Spring Festival is more limited.
First of all, although the price of polyester is rising, but a daily increase of 50-100 yuan/ton will not make the textile owners feel too much pressure.
Secondly, the polyester factory is trying to release the inventory due to excessive inventory, but it is still a difficult problem for the polyester factory to strike a balance between price rise and inventory removal.
On the other hand, in the downstream market, under the background of the optimization of epidemic prevention policies, buyers in some markets have made adequate stock after the end of the lockdown. Recently, the stock of raw materials in weaving factories has increased. However, due to the large inventory base of the spinning and weaving enterprises, and the sustainability of the order improvement remains to be observed, some enterprises still plan to gradually stop after the end of this year for a holiday, and the future uncertainty will still hinder the purchasing sentiment of the terminal enterprises to a certain extent.
In addition, in the short term, the narrow rebound of terminal orders will provide a positive boost to the market, but the inventory of finished blank fabric is still high. Under the background of inflation in Europe and the United States, the improvement of overseas orders is limited, and domestic sales are in the off-season period near the end of the year. The process of market destocking is expected to be slow, and some terminal enterprises will gradually stop for holiday in the latter half of the year, which may drag down the growth rate and sustainability of polyester and raw materials this time.

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