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Find the beauty of tradition in modern city
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With the rise of "national tide culture", the small culture of Hanfu gradually entered the public's vision. In Hong Kong, a group of young people who love Hanfu have formed a club called "Hanfu Hong Kong" to promote Hanfu and traditional Chinese culture, and to integrate traditional Chinese culture into modern life.

Recently, in a traditional Chinese tea room in Lai Chi Kok, New Territories, the reporter interviewed three leaders of Hanfu Hong Kong: Yi Meow, Liu Nian and Chu Qing. They came dressed in different shapes and shapes of Hanfu, in sharp contrast to the heavy traffic outside the window of the modern city.

"Hanfu has become part of my life now." "After 90" schoolgirl fleeting said to reporters. She first encountered Hanfu in 2009. "When I watched costume dramas before, I felt the costumes were very gorgeous. After I came into contact with Hanfu, I realized that these 'ancient clothes' were very different from the physical Hanfu." With the deepening understanding, she found that Hanfu is not only gorgeous in appearance and exquisite in craftsmanship, but also has its own characteristics in different dynasties. It is a huge clothing system. During the interview, she wore a collared blouse with a horse-faced skirt, which belongs to the shape of the Ming Dynasty Hanfu.

"Leading by example and promoting the integration of Hanfu into everyday life" is the mission of Hanfu Hong Kong. Founded in 2013, this young people's club is one of the earliest Hanfu clubs in Hong Kong. It now has more than 200 members, more than 90% of whom are Hong Kong locals. "Hanfu Hong Kong" foreign affairs chairman Yi Miao introduced, because before the establishment of the club members are mainly active in the major Internet forums, so to forum nicknames each other, this habit is still in use today.

According to Yimeow, when the club was first established, many Hong Kong residents thought it was "fancy dress" and many people were mistaken for Hanbok or kimono. With the popularity of Hanfu culture, the situation has changed greatly, and many "Tongpao" have begun to dare to travel in Hanfu.

"Tongpao" is a mutual title among Hanfu lovers. It comes from the Book of Songs · Qin Wind, which says, "I have no clothes, but I share the same robe with my son". Since the establishment of the "Hanfu Hong Kong" Club, "fellow robe" members have been encouraged to wear Hanfu on important festivals. For example, around the "Hanfu Travel Day" on November 22 every year, the association will organize related activities to show the charm of Hanfu to Hong Kong citizens. This year, they came to the Song Wangtai district of Kowloon City, where the gorgeous traditional costumes attracted the interest of the public, who came to take photos.

Since 2018, Hanfu Hong Kong has been expanding into other areas. For example, members will hold lectures in different schools to explain the form, etiquette and dressing skills, or explain Chinese history and traditional culture to students using Hanfu as a clue. According to Yimeow, the club has held seminars in primary and secondary schools in 18 districts in Hong Kong, and many students ask themselves how to join the club after the activities.

Especially in the last five or six years, with more and more channels to contact and buy Hanfu and more and more teenage members joining, the club has become "younger", she said.

Female students born after 2000 began to touch Hanfu around 2018. On the day of the interview, she was dressed in a bright stand-up jacket and a horse-faced skirt. She explained the design details of Hanfu: Many Hanfu have a straight seam in the middle of the back, called the "middle seam". In addition to being used as "formal clothing", it also fits the spine of people, implying that people should be upright.

Chu Qing told reporters that in addition to the traditional Hanfu, she will also mix and match Hanfu and modern clothing in daily life to create a unique matching style, such as the right skirt with jeans. In her opinion, as an international city, Hong Kong citizens are tolerant to different cultures, and so is the dress culture. "It's a blend of Chinese and foreign styles that reflects Hong Kong's multicultural mix." Chu Qing said.

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