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Talk about the corrosion resistance of nylon hot melt wire
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Nylon thermal fusewire is the main material for flying woven bevel, ribbon, wool carpet and other items. Today Xiaobian would like to talk with you about the nylon thermal fuse corrosion resistance?

First of all, in nylon thermal fuse moisture-proof and antifouling solution, first choose the ideal production and processing raw materials, and then produce textile materials at the bottom of nylon hot melt and air dry, so as to improve the resistance and compressive strength of the hot fuse, and master the structure of temperature fuse under different temperatures, so as to improve the performance of nylon temperature fuse, so as to improve the new compressive strength of the application. Thus considering the expected effect of nylon temperature fuse solution. The main purpose of scientific research is to improve the performance of thermal fuses, such as mainly damaging the performance of nylon thermal fuses.

Secondly, hook-shaped nylon thermal fuses adopt the relative density method, which has a strong integration degree with the natural environment. The properties of nylon thermal fuses at different temperatures are harmful to some extent. At present, the proportion of typical thermal fuses is related to the percentage error, which can be used to measure and predict thermal fuses at different temperatures, and its application range is within a certain error range. In addition, the applied compressive strength and structural compressive strength obtained by the customer are taken into account to obtain the desired product.

Then using nylon hot melt adhesive compressive strength calculation method, according to the alkali resistance and thermal research in the production process, the key is to combine the alkali resistance of the whole process of deep processing, improve the alkali resistance of hot melt polyester. The key is to include performance tests in the thermal fuses, taking into account the alkaline and corrosion resistance provisions of nylon thermal fuses.

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