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Stabilize the market, expand consumption, and focus on digitalization
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2022 is indeed a difficult year for the textile industry. Due to the complex and severe domestic and international macro situation and the influence of multiple superexpected factors, the pressure of supply and demand at both ends of the textile industry in our country is superimposed, the economic movement shows a slowdown, and the problem of insufficient orders of enterprises has been prominent. As a large textile province, Shandong textile and garment industry has been affected by various subdivisions of the industry to varying degrees. The phenomenon of insufficient orders at home and abroad, insufficient enterprise construction, operating difficulties and so on affect the healthy development of enterprises to a certain extent, and the overall situation is not optimistic.

Zhang Chunhua, secretary general of Shandong Textile and Garment Industry Association, said that due to the impact of the epidemic, all cities in Shandong have been under different degrees of control this year. Upstream wholesale markets have been sealed and closed, downstream entity sales have been restricted and circulation channels have been blocked. Taking Jinan Luokou Clothing City, the largest clothing distribution center in Shandong as an example, its business sales fell off a cliff in March and April, with a serious decline in transaction amount and an irreversible impact in spring and summer.

Under such circumstances, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, especially in the textile and garment industry, issued a statement to promote the "excellent supply and Upgrade" campaign, continuously strengthening the institutional guarantee, which greatly boosted the determination and confidence of the high-quality development of the textile and garment industry of the whole province, like a ray of spring breeze, bringing new hope to the development of the industry.

Mr. Zhang Chunhua introduced that as the local epidemic situation eased, Shandong Textile and Apparel Industry Association guided Luokou Clothing City to actively implement the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Better Supply and Promote Upgrading" activity in various forms, and jointly launched the "New Light Textile and Enjoy Life" Modern light industry textile "Three Products" consumption season. Especially after Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology launched its landmark event with the theme of "Oriental Aesthetics, Qi Lu and Hua Sang", centering on this event, Luokou Clothing City has actively promoted high-quality textile and clothing products into 10,000 stores, optimized and upgraded the whole process of consumption services, constantly satisfied consumers' multi-level, personalized and high-quality consumption demands, and dedicated itself to improving the quality of life. To respond to the public's new expectations for a better life with new consumption, focus on creating a brand excellence, bright image, vibrant fashion Shandong.

As one of the organizers of Luokou Clothing Culture and Art Festival, the Circulation Branch of China National Textile Industry Federation (CNTAC) has made a detailed plan for this activity centering on the idea of "Improving Supply and Promoting Upgrading". Mr. Xu Jianhua, Vice President of the Circulation Branch of China National Textile Industry Federation, said that this Luokou Clothing Culture and Art Festival will present high-quality brands, characteristic regional brands and innovative products of Shandong light industry textile industry through multiple channels and in various forms. They will also give consumers bigger price discounts and improve their service level, thus arousing more consumers' enthusiasm for shopping. Meet the multi-level, personalized, high-quality consumer demand, with new consumption to respond to the general public's new expectations for a better life.

During the Luokou Culture and Art Festival, the "New Light Textile and Enjoy Life" consumption season activities of modern light industry textile and "Three Products" have been held at the same time, which have brought different effects to both merchants and consumers. Cheng Jianzheng, Deputy General Manager of Jinan Luokou Clothing Co., LTD., introduced that this event carried out the activities of huge benefit sales of commodities and interaction of cultural programs, presenting a "wonderful and pleasing" costume culture feast for the majority of consumers. 5000 merchants offered collective discounts and promotions, and the prices were more affordable, which really benefited consumers.

Mr. Zhang Defa, the head of the "Tambor" brand, a merchant in Luokou Clothing City in Jinan, has been engaged in the clothing business for 30 years. He has participated in Luokou Culture and Art Festival every year. He has a deep feeling about the new changes in this year's events. "The Tambor down jacket series products have always been the mainstream brand in Shandong down jacket collection center in Luokou Clothing City. During the Art Festival, the sales have increased year by year. This year, Tambor still achieved the best sales year despite the impact of the epidemic, and the retail sales this year is expected to exceed 50 million yuan."

Liu Shuai, head of Mingsheng Hengshuai Men's Wear, a merchant in Jinan Luokou Clothing City, also said that the size and popularity of this year's event are obviously bigger than in previous years.

Seize digital opportunities to create greater value

The launch of the textile and Apparel "Excellent Supply Promotes Upgrading" campaign in 2022 has set up a service exchange platform for the industry, provided services for enterprises to find the right direction, make good use of policies and gather resources, and enhanced the confidence of the development of the whole industry.

As for how to further enhance the value of "superior supply promotes upgrading" in the future, Xu Jianhua suggested from the perspective of the circulation field that the current digital technology has spawned new forms and models of consumption, bringing new challenges to the circulation field. In the future, it is important to seize the opportunities of intelligent transformation and rely on information technology to promote the transformation of digital, information and intelligent market. To meet consumers' diversified, personalized and customized consumption needs, promote the optimization and upgrading of consumption structure, empower industrial production links, and provide strong support for consumption upgrading. In the process of expanding domestic demand and stabilizing the overall economic market, we should give full play to the role of circulation in guiding production and promoting consumption, constantly break through the blocking points, breakpoints and pain points in circulation, increase the sales of branded goods and high-quality goods, encourage more online platforms and offline business and service enterprises to participate in it, and build an omni-channel business platform through digital enabling. We will promote the integration of online and offline development, and expand from emphasizing commercial and industrial value to better leveraging social value.

Zhang Chunhua also said that in the future, the association will actively play the role of the platform, around the theme of "superior supply promotes upgrading", encourage textile and garment enterprises, industrial clusters, scientific research institutions and universities to participate in, guide Shandong textile and garment industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to open data, promote the industrial chain and supply chain to the industrial network, supply network evolution, and actively empower the development of the whole industry. The association strengthens mutual trust, exchanges, openness and sharing with enterprises and colleges, and is committed to building a community of common destiny and a consortium of interests for the development of Shandong textile and garment industry through extensive consultation, joint construction and integration.

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