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Do you know the characteristics of nylon thermal fuse?
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Hot fuse is also known as fusible yarn, fusible bonded yarn, in textiles, footwear, industry and products. It is made of low melting point polyamide (nylon) or polyester, which can be controlled between 85 °C and 180°C by adjusting the feedstock characteristics. Hot fuse mainly includes nylon thermal fuse and polyester hot fuse.

Characteristics of nylon thermal fuse produced by Xelong:

High quality raw materials, the use of imported raw materials.

The melting point is produced in strict accordance with the standard melting point.

Color is sliced with primary color, which has better color fastness, color lightness and physical properties than master batch dyeing.

On the performance, feel more soft and comfortable, fuller elasticity, stronger strength, stronger adhesion, better wear resistance, better shaping effect, fast solidification speed, with anti-washing and dry detergent, breathable and waterproof, no environmental pollution.

Application scope of nylon thermal fuse:

It is widely used in high strength Bondi line, innovative fiber of high-grade knitted fabrics, sewing thread, Chenille yarn, home textiles, high strength ribbon rope line, lace lace, shirt collar, clothing lining, automotive interior. Car safety airbags, etc.

High strength Bundy/sewing thread - prevents the thread from splitting during sewing - prevents creases along the seam

Unidirectional braids -- which produce flat fabric serrated edges in carbon and glass fibers -- prevent small loops from leaking needles and pulling out

Chenille yarn -- prevents loose fibers from falling off protective gloves -- effectively edges and dark seams at cuffs -- prevents frills from unraveling

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