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Accelerating the building of an industrial "ecosystem" with stable and strong chains
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From November 16 to 18, the 2022 China Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Accessories/Finishing Exhibition will be held in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is sponsored by Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., LTD., and organized by Jinkeqiao Exhibition Co., LTD., Keqiao District, Shaoxing. Relying on the high-quality resources of China Textile City and with the influence of Cloth Merchants' Conference, the exhibition will help Keqiao Textile Fair to enrich the exhibits and attractions. Under the driving effect of leading enterprises in the industry, the self-organized exhibition will connect the upstream and upstream textile industry. Construct a new picture of Keqiao Textile professional exhibition.

With the theme of "Far and Near Esprit · Upstream and Downstream of Linklink", the exhibition content is diversified, divided into three areas of post-finishing and accessories exhibition area and supporting forum activities. With a young perspective and innovative and environmentally friendly construction technology, it will bring a feast with rich post-finishing technology and accessories culture. The overall exhibition area is about 3750 square meters. 62 exhibitors represented by Shun Color Printing Flower, Kenner Digital Printing Factory, Tianaid Digital, Lufei Textile, Choi Hung printing and dyeing, etc. participated in the exhibition. The exhibits include textile accessories such as lace, lace, embroidery, lining, interlining, screw, embroidery, flocking, printing, bronzing, coating, dyeing and other fabric finishing products. Help the textile field set off an industrial action for the "upstream and downstream" connection.

Among the exhibitors, most of them are first-line source factories, which have a complete industrial chain integrating design, development and production, and the daily processing capacity of several production lines is more than tens of thousands of meters. In addition, strong enterprises can customize various kinds of products leading the market according to different needs of customers, and successfully develop dozens of large and medium-sized cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai and other markets. And indirectly exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places.

Identify key nodes

Strengthen the brand effect of China Textile City

China Textile City has been giving full play to the advantages of "industry + market", taking the opportunity of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing industry and other provincial pilot as an opportunity, vigorously promoting the agglomeration and upgrading of printing and dyeing industry, and promoting the strengthening of textile chain. The market business varieties have expanded from raw materials and fabrics to chemical, machinery and grey fabric in the upstream, and clothing and apparel accessories and home textiles in the downstream. Through the trade regulation market, professional markets have been formed for wool, knitting, cotton, curtain and window gauze, home textiles and clothing. The textile city has formed a professional textile market of all varieties and seasons, which is "not weak in the off-season and more prosperous in the peak season".

On this basis, this exhibition will identify key nodes, link the upstream and downstream, and enhance the brand effect of China Textile City. As a material to decorate clothing and expand the function of clothing, the design of auxiliary materials has also begun to integrate into the overall design of clothing, becoming a key element of fashion and popularity. Finishing gives fabrics with color effect, shape effect and effective technical treatment, is also an indispensable part of the textile industry.

Wang Meijiao, the person in charge of Minhang Aogo Lace, is also a business owner of China Textile City Market. "Thank you to the organizer for opening this exhibition specifically for the enterprises that finish our products. Due to the impact of the epidemic environment in recent years, we need such an effective exhibition to boost our confidence." It is reported that Minhang Augolais has been developing in Keqiao for 18 years. The products in this exhibition are mainly post-process products such as lace and mesh fabric. "A few days ago, I specially contacted my clients to inform them to come to the scene to have a look under the premise of epidemic protection. We need such a platform where we can meet face to face and feel the industry trend."

Zeping printing and dyeing brings a series of active printing, engraving printing, digital printing and other artificial cotton products, the company's official said, "to participate in this exhibition, or to tell customers, we have been in." In the finishing industry chain of textile and garment, printing and dyeing, as a key link of textile deep processing and increasing added value, is at the key stage of industrial transformation and upgrading. In this exhibition, the appearance of printing and dyeing enterprises for the comprehensive improvement of Keqiao printing and dyeing industry core competitiveness, to promote the healthy development of the industry lay a strong heart.

Seize Development opportunities

Promote industry cooperation at a higher level

The exhibition has diversified forms, with simultaneous online and offline exhibitions. The Peacock Cloud exhibition platform of the network company affiliated to Textile City Group will be used for the exhibition of high-quality online accessories and finishing enterprise products at the same time, and the exhibition concept of the integration of online and offline will be fully displayed.

In recent years, Futu Embroidery has been undergoing a transformation from embroidery product categories to woven, dyeing products and other aspects. For this exhibition, Fan Tao, general manager of the company, said that on the one hand, as a "doorstep" exhibition, as a local enterprise, he is bound to support. At the same time, as a first-time exhibitor, Fan Tao also hopes that the exhibition can help the company expand its customer channels. As a textile enterprise focusing on foreign trade business, Fan Tao also recognized the online exhibition form of this exhibition, "We actually tried online docking before, this time not only connected with customers, but also through this to understand some key points of online docking, it is also a rewarding learning journey."

It was a completely new experience for Luo Wenlong, the head of Yinghuang Crepe Press, to attend the exhibition and participate in the activity of online connection. "This is not only our first offline exhibition, but also our first online exhibition. Unexpectedly, the same exhibition helped us both do it. When we contact physical customers face-to-face offline, we can also synchronously connect with a large number of online purchasers. We will arrange sample docking immediately afterwards. We hope that we can have good results online as well as offline transaction."

In order to enhance the communication atmosphere and influence, and increase the stickiness between exhibitors and visitors, the Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Accessories/Finishing Exhibition Innovation Forum with the theme of "Innovation supply chain Improvement value Chain" was also held during the exhibition. The content of the forum includes the sharing of topics such as "The fast and backward Enabling of Fabric Finishing and garment secondary Processing" and "The performance of Textile Finishing in the fashion trend of 2023", which will further enhance the brand effect of "China Textile City" and inject strong impetus to promote the high-quality development of the textile industry.

In recent years, the exhibition industry in Keqiao has developed vigorously, forming a new atmosphere led by the World Cloth Conference, Textile Expo, Fashion Week textile event, and other large conferences, exhibitions, forums and so on, releasing the new vitality of the exhibition economy. The relevant person in charge of the exhibition said that it is expected to build a long-term professional exhibition in the future, which will continue to provide a full platform for textile city enterprises to exchange and display, and attract textile enterprises from all over the country to gather in Keqiao, which will bring more large-scale trade orders and further enhance the overall image of Keqiao China Textile City and the far-reaching influence of the brand.

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