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Do you know what a hot fuse is made of? - Nylon thermal fuse factory tell you!
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The fiber. Hot fuse, also known as low melting point filament or fusible filament, is one of the most rapidly developed functional fibers in recent years. As the name suggests, when the temperature reaches the melting point, the hot fuse gradually melts, binding the other yarns together. As one of the functional fibers that have developed rapidly in recent years, because of its environmental protection, health, wear resistance, good elasticity, low melting point, and at normal temperature, when the hot fuse and other fibers are woven together, when heated to a certain melting point, it will be softened into a liquid that can flow, and it has thermal adhesion, and can be turned back into a solid after cooling. So the application of hot fuse is more and more wide.

Hot fuse is mainly used in sneaker face, sofa fabric, lace lace, curtain, glove seam yarn and other fields.

Hot fuse can be divided into nylon thermal fuse and polyester hot fuse.

Because of the wide application of hot fuse, it provides convenience to all aspects of our life, such as the perfect fusion of the corner of the clothes, the length and deformation of the trouser leg side are inseparable from it, and we believe that its influence will be more and more great. There is still a lot of dependence on imported hot fuse, although there are domestic manufacturers developed hot fuse, but the effect is not satisfactory, this aspect still needs to work hard, increase research and development and investment, research and development of their own high specifications, high technical level of hot fuse is king. Behind will be beaten, their own research and development of a new generation of hot fuse, only to foreign manufacturers let go. Therefore, this is a trend, but also an inevitable trend, I believe that domestic hot fuse will be a higher level, more suitable for the domestic market, domestic development of new hot fuse.

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