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How to improve yarn quality?
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During the spinning process, the ability of twist transfer to the forward roller becomes weak due to the twisting action of the guide hook, and a twist triangle zone is formed at the front roller. Reducing the area of twisted triangle area is helpful to improve yarn quality. There are two kinds of methods: one is tight spinning by reducing the width of the output of the front roller, the other is twisted spinning by reducing the height of twisted triangle area.

Compact spinning can be divided into negative pressure compact spinning and mechanical compact spinning. Negative pressure compact spinning is mainly Rieter (Rida) K The air-sucking drum compact spinning represented by Model 44 spinning frame, the mesh-ring compact spinning represented by Toyota and Suessen (most domestic compact spinning is mesh-ring compact spinning), the leather ring punching compact spinning represented by Zinser Air-Com-Tex, The main representative of mechanical compact spinning is RoCos compact spinning of Rotorcraft (Rotokraft). Twister spinning is mainly realized by installing a false twister between the front roller and the yarn guide hook, which is mainly represented by the twister spinning of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Suction drum type compact spinning

The drafting mechanism adopts a hollow drum with holes or grooves to replace the front lower roller, and forms a fiber gathering unit together with the air suction plug-in and the air flow guide device in the drum. The air suction plug-in has a specially designed groove on it, which is connected with the air suction system of the machine, and the fibers gather on the surface of the roller through the air flow generated by negative pressure. It is characterized by complex agglomeration system structure, high processing accuracy, high single spindle cost and good yarn quality. However, it has strict requirements on the production environment of spinning. When the fiber flocs plug the hole of the drum, the yarn quality will be affected to a certain extent.

Mesh coil compact spinning

By adding a set of agglomeration elements, including agglomeration special-shaped tube and its supporting mesh ring, the surface of the agglomeration tube has a diagonal groove and generates a certain negative pressure through the air suction system. When the drawn fibers pass through the negative pressure agglomeration tube on the surface of the mesh ring, the air guiding effect makes the fibers gather together, and the fibers are output and twisted into yarn through the guide roller. The agglomeration system is characterized by simple structure and convenient use, but the mesh circle is affected by cotton wax, cotton wool and other sundries, so it needs to be cleaned about once a month, and it needs to be replaced about half a year due to wear, which increases the cost of consumables and workload.

Perforated tight spinning of leather ring

The agglomeration system mainly consists of the perforated skin ring and the negative pressure air suction device inside the skin ring. The perforated tight spinning system of the skin ring is different from other negative pressure agglomeration systems. The negative pressure air suction system of the skin ring is on the top of the fiber beard strip. The perforated ring is similar to the lower ring used in the traditional ring spinning, and the service life is similar. Because of its structure and softness, the ring can self-clean when rotating, and the operation is simple and convenient. However, the hole width of the ring is small, which has a certain influence on the concentration effect of the fiber.

Mechanical compact spinning

By adding a twist resistance rubber roller in front of the front rubber roller, a funnel-shaped ceramic agitator is added between the front rubber roller and the twist resistance rubber roller. The agitator is equipped with magnetic materials to make the agitator fixed on the front roller through magnetic force. The ceramic agitator aggregates the drawn fibers through mechanical means. It is characterized by simple structure, few consumables, no need to increase the suction device, and basically no increase in electricity consumption. However, because the agglomeration port of the ceramic agitator can only change the size of the agglomeration port by replacing the agglomeration device, the variety adaptability is poor.

Spun with twist

By installing false twist device between the front roller of spinning frame and the yarn guide hook, the area of twist triangle area is reduced, and the twist between the front roller and the yarn guide hook is increased, so that the spinning break rate is reduced, the spinning under low twist is realized, and the yarn yield per unit time is increased. It is characterized by the simple structure of the false twist, but the friction between the false twist device and the fiber is rigid friction, which has a certain influence on the yarn knot. At the same time, there is slip between the false twist device and the yarn, so the false twist effect should be tested when spinning new varieties, so the parameter of the false twist device is more complicated, and the existence of the false twist device makes the operation of the broken yarn joint complicated.

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