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Complex situations test the resilience of development, and we are embarking on a new journey of high-quality development
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In the first three quarters of this year, China's textile industry actively fended off downward risks and pressure, and made efforts to repair the damage caused by the epidemic despite the pressure, showing good resilience for development. In the fourth quarter, although the external situation is still very complicated, with the further implementation of various national policies and measures and the arrival of traditional consumption peak seasons such as the National Day and "Double 11", the economic operation situation of the textile industry is expected to remain basically stable under the support of the domestic cycle.

Looking ahead to 2023, the development environment facing the textile industry will become more complex and severe. Externally, in the context of the complex evolution of the international political situation and the increasing constraints of economic recovery such as high inflation, there are relatively high uncertainties in the prospects of the international market, intensified market competition and rising risks in the foreign trade environment, which will form a new round of tests on the ability of textile enterprises to resist risks.

But from the domestic point of view, the textile industry still has the basic conditions to achieve stable development. Party held 20 big victory, our country the comprehensive construction socialism modernization country new road is open, as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and high continuous economic and social development, to ensure long-term positive macroeconomic fundamentals in China, the stable operation for the textile industry chain to create a good environment, on the basis of the domestic market has a larger scale, there are still upgrade development space. Since the third quarter, the national economy has been recovering and positive factors have accumulated, which is conducive to the textile industry to further smooth the industrial chain circulation based on domestic demand. Although the constraints caused by the epidemic, such as the limited consumption scene and the lack of consumer confidence, cannot be completely eliminated in the short term, there is still potential for the combination of consumption hotspots such as Guocao, big health and sustainable consumption with the textile industry.

In general, the textile industry is still under great pressure to maintain a stable operation in 2023. Deepening transformation and upgrading, improving development resilience, and resolving risks and challenges are still the development themes of the industry. The textile industry will fully implement the spirit of the Party's Twenty Congresses and the decisions and arrangements of The State Council, adhere to the general work tone of "making progress while maintaining stability", comprehensively coordinate the high quality development priorities of science and technology, fashion and green, and strive to consolidate the foundation of steady economic recovery and constantly activate the high quality development potential. We will continue to make good use of the positive role of the textile industry in ensuring production supply, stimulating the vitality of domestic demand, improving employment and income, and make due contributions to the realization of the goal of stable operation of the national economy and the launch of the new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country with high quality.

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