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Brief overview of nylon thermal fuse
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Hot fuse is also known as fusible wire, bonded wire, hot bonded wire, etc. Nylon and polyester hot fuse are commonly used. Nylon thermal fuse  is made of polyamide fiber processed to a certain fineness. Low melting point polyamide is a kind of modified polyester. The nylon thermal fuse wire made by spinning low melting point polyamide has the advantages of low melting point, high thermal bonding strength and stable physical and chemical properties.

Nylon thermal fuse has the following properties

1. Low melting point, nylon hot fuse melting point as low as 90C.

2. Good wear resistance. The wear resistance of polyamide fiber is the best among all textile fibers.

3, high breaking strength, the breaking strength of polyamide fiber fiber for textile use is 5.0~6.4g/d.

4, good dyeing, the dyeing of polyamide fiber is more difficult than natural fiber, but it is still easier to stain than other synthetic fibers, generally with acid dyes.

Nylon thermal fuse wire can replace polypropylene, polyamide hot melt adhesive in some fields, but also has its own unique application field. It is widely used in hot air vamp manufacturing, yarn manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, clothing stitching lock, flexible gauze curtain vertical curtain and other textile fields.

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