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Nylon thermal fuse manufacturers tell you the difference between polyester and nylon?
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Do you know what polyester is and what nylon is? What is the difference between them, let the professional production of nylon thermal fuse factory to give you a brief talk.

Nylon is nylon, also known as polyester amine fiber, point is high strength, high wear resistance, high pit blood and good deformation resistance, aging resistance, the disadvantage is that the feel is hard. Polyester is a kind of synthetic fiber, is the raw material of chemical fiber fabric, it is not a kind of fabric, polyester is also called polyester.

The gloss of the cloth is relatively bright, the feel is smooth nylon; The appearance of the cloth is darker than nylon, and the coarser is polyester.

It can be scraped with nails. After scraping the nails, polyester with obvious traces is found, while nylon with not obvious traces is found. However, this method is not as intuitive and easy to argue with as the other method.

The difference between nylon and polyester is simply burning! Polyester burning when the black smoke is very prosperous, nylon is white smoke, the other is to see the residue after burning, polyester a pinch will break, nylon will become plastic! It's always said that nylon is twice as expensive as polyester.

Nylon and polyester which is good?

Nylon is generally better elasticity! Dyeing temperature at 100 degrees is OK, with neutral or acid dye dyeing, high temperature resistance is worse than polyester, but the strength will be better than nylon, anti pilling, with fire smoke color white. Polyester burns up a stream of black smoke, black ash will also float up. The dyeing temperature is 130 degrees (high temperature and high pressure), and the hot melt method is usually baked at less than 200 degrees. The main characteristic of polyester is its good stability. A small amount of polyester added to general clothes can help wrinkle resistance and shape, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to produce static electricity and pilling. Now polyester after improvement shortcomings have been improved.

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