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Nylon thermal fuse factory tells you - how to clean nylon
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The technical name for nylon is polyamide. In our country, there is also a certain name "Nylon". Nylon has better dyeing and hypotension than polyester, and has the property of heat setting, which can keep the bending deformation formed during heating. So how do we clean nylon? The nylon thermal fuse factory is here to tell you.

The main points of nylon cleaning:

1, the detergent requirements are not high, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, so as to avoid the temperature is too hot and out of shape;

2, washing do not rub, so as not to appear small hair ball;

3, after washing the light color fabric should be flushed several times, otherwise it is easy to yellowing over time;

4, avoid exposure and drying, should be dried in the shade;

5, nylon heat resistance is poor, so to low temperature ironing, must play steam, not dry hot.

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