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The textile and garment industry promotes the employment of the masses
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In recent years, Yuepuhu County overall development of the textile industry chain, through the introduction of investment has introduced a number of enterprises to settle down, promote the rural surplus labor to achieve stable employment and income, to promote rural revitalization by industrial revitalization, to promote stable employment to promote economic development.

In the workshop of Kashgar Suyao Textile Co., LTD., employees are busy producing a batch of grey cloth orders. After warping, sizing, longitudinal, weaving, repairing and other links, a cotton yarn into finished grey cloth and packaging, will be sent to the market outside Xinjiang.

Zhang Peng, general manager of Kashgar Suyao Textile Co., LTD., said: "After the products are produced, they are sent directly to the mainland to serve the group companies and become finished products, mainly household goods."

Kashi Suyao Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the Textile and garment Industrial Park of Yuepuhu County, which is the investment attraction enterprise in 2021. The company is invested and built by Nantong Ouini Household Textile Co., LTD., with a total investment of 120 million yuan. At present, the first phase of the 60 million yuan home textile production line has been put into operation in June this year, the daily output of grey cloth 20,000 meters. Qiolipan Guli Yakupu, an employee of Kashgar Suyao Textile Co., LTD., was originally a housewife. After being recruited to the company, with their own efforts, Qiao Li hope Guli became an industrial worker, to achieve stable employment. Now, her husband also came to work in the company, the family life is more prosperous.

"When I first came to the company, I didn't know how to do it. With the help of my teachers, I learned how to do it. Now I work with my husband, and our life is getting better and better," said Cholipanguli Yakupu happily.

In recent years, Yuepuhu County based on local superior resources, actively build a national competitive advantage of long-staple cotton production base, and built and put into production of a number of supporting enterprises, and continue to extend the development of cotton planting, rough processing, deep processing of the whole industrial chain. At present, Yuepuhu County textile and clothing industry chain has initially formed.

"Since I started working here, I have a stable job and a stable income, and the factory has provided me with accommodation and food," said Syl Aimeer, an employee of Kashgar Suyao Textile Co., LTD. Our accommodation here and in the factory are very good. From now on, I will try to earn money and live a better life than this."

Zhang Peng, general manager of Kashgar Suyao Textile Co., Ltd. said that the next step will be to prepare the second phase construction on the basis of the original production, to increase the employment of about 300 people, the annual output value of about 110 million yuan, while promoting stable employment, also bring profits to the enterprise, to achieve a win-win situation.

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