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Nylon thermal fuse factory tell you what is flying woven shoes
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The materials used for flying uppers are mostly chemical fibers, mainly blended fabrics. However, nylon thermal fuse is the special hot fuse for flying shoe materials. Flying uppers are the main uppers of sports casual shoes at present, and are woven by a variety of special yarns through computer flat knitting machines.

Fly woven shoe is just a concept, like manpower glimmer of knitted sweater out, but in order to improve the efficiency, the weave work gradually replaced by the computer intelligence, using computer flat knitting machine can weave fly directly in the form of automatic knitting vamp, in order to increase the comfort, in the process of simulation of shoes production, to weave vamp overall, and with the sole stitching, This greatly improves the weaving efficiency. In fact, the so-called flying woven shoes are similar to ordinary cloth mesh shoes. Flying woven shoes are generally lighter and have better air permeability.

Flying mesh shoes, summer do not have to worry about hot feet, foot odor, soft and elastic, comfortable inside the foot dry, do not grind feet, honeycomb insoles soft and gentle shock. The sole is made of high quality elastic rubber sole, flexible and comfortable. The bottom surface is wear-resistant and non-slip design. Thickness and degree, invisible play a role in the increase, thick bottom can absorb shock force and balanced dispersion, play the role of foot protection and leg protection. The sole adopts the high quality elastic rubber sole, flexible and comfortable, the bottom surface is wet-resistant and non-slip design, thick and smooth, and plays an increased role in the invisible. The thick sole can absorb the shock force and balance the dispersion, and play the role of foot protection and leg protection. ,

Xielong Group was founded in 1992, headquartered in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, which is known as the capital of shoes in China. It is a professional supplier of textile, weaving and dyeing of shoe materials. At present, it has become a competitive and innovative designated supplier in the domestic sports shoe materials industry. Its partners include New Balance, Puma, Asics, Anta, Qiaodan, Li Ning, Xtep and other well-known sports brands at home and abroad.

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