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Jiangsu Province has further deployed high -quality development strategies in the textile industry
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The textile and apparel industry is the traditional pillar industry and important people's livelihood industry in Jiangsu Province. In order to implement relevant national planning and guidance, further promote the high -quality development of the textile and apparel industry in the province. The Finance Department, the Department of Commerce, and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau jointly formulated the "Several Policies and Measures on Further Promoting the High -quality Development of the Provincial Textile and Apparel Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Policies and Measures").

The "Policies and Measures" proposes 24 specific work measures from seven aspects such as cultivating world -class high -end textile clusters, high -end development, digital transformation, green development, branding development, international development, and creating a good development environment:

Taking international advanced positioning, cultivate world -class high -end textile clusters;

With scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, promote the high -end development of the industry;

In the direction of intelligent manufacturing, promote the digital transformation of the industry;

Guided by energy saving and consumption reduction, promote the green development of the industry;

Taking quality improvement as a traction to promote the development of industrial branding;

In the direction of market development, promote the international development of the industry;

To strengthen service as a guarantee and create a good development environment.

Involving the key issues of the development of the printing and dyeing industry, the "Policy Measures" will take effective measures from three aspects to promote the high -quality development of the industry.

Promote the strong industrial chain supplement chain

The "Policies and Measures" pointed out that it is necessary to actively guide enterprises to forge long boards, make up for shortcomings, carry out the docking of upstream and downstream supply and demand, strengthen the support of resources, technology, and equipment, and comprehensively improve from fiber, spinning, weaving, printing to clothing, home textiles, and industries Use the development level of the entire industry chain of textiles and textile machinery.

Strengthen industry standardized management

Strengthen the standardized management of industries such as printing and dyeing, adhesive, and regenerative chemical fibers, and continue to improve the level of pollution control in the industry

Encourage enterprises to gather development

Encourage the agglomeration and development of small and medium -sized enterprises such as printing and dyeing, strengthen the construction of environmental infrastructure in the agglomeration area, and improve the energy efficiency of pollution control and reduce the cost of pollution. The backward production technology and equipment of high energy consumption, high water consumption, and high emissions are eliminated in accordance with laws and regulations.

The "Policy Measures" is based on the actual situation of Jiangsu Province, clarify the province's textile and apparel industry goals of the target positioning and development of the province, integrated departments and local policies, and jointly promoted the high -quality development of the province's textile and apparel industry. The "Policies and Measures" was issued and issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, which was valid until December 31, 2025.

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