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What are the characteristics of Xielong Nylon thermal fuse ?
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Nylon thermal fuse is a special nylon wire that changes glue after hot melt.

The low -melting nylon thermal fuse of the company is large -scale and series, and the product production and sales volume is nearly 200T/month. Whether it is production and sales, or specifications, it is a leading industry in China. It has passed the detection of harmful substances in the European Union (OEKO-TEX 匤吀 Andard100) and is widely used in international and domestic brand products.

Character dragon nylon thermal fuse characteristics:

1. The melting point is low, and the melting point of the nylon hot melting is as low as 90C.

2. Good abrasion resistance, the abrasion resistance of polyamide fibers is better among all textile fibers.

3. High breakage strength, textile use polyamide fiber long fiber has a broken fiber of 5.0 ~ 6.4g/d.

4, good dyeing, polyamide fiber dyeing is more difficult than natural fiber, but it is still easy to stain than other synthetic fibers, and is generally dyed in acidic dye. It can replace polypropylene and polyamide hot melting glue in some areas, and has its own unique application field.

The main functions of Xielong nylon thermal fuse: convenient weaving, melting adhesion, environmental protection and hygiene, stiffening, increasing strength, abrasion -resistant, piercing, not scattered, arbitrarily cut, arbitrarily cut. Play a key role in the innovation of new textile products.

Xielong nylon thermal fuse can be applied to parachute rope, cable wire bag, high -end carbon fiber cloth, wind power glass fiber non -sliding, upper manufacturing, protective gloves, lace lace, seamless underwear, nyloni sewing thread, etc. Wait.

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