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Accelerate the release of the effect of the combination of policies to stabilize growth
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The stable growth policy has ushered in version 2.0. A few days ago, the State Council executive meeting launched 19 successive policy measures, which once again released major benefits to the market. This is another major deployment made by the State Council executive meeting to strengthen the foundation of economic recovery and development after a lapse of three months.

Since the beginning of this year, due to some unexpected factors, my country's economic operation has experienced relatively large fluctuations, especially in the second quarter, the economic growth rate has declined significantly. In this regard, the State Council executive meeting held on May 23 this year launched a package of 33 economic stabilization measures in six areas, aiming to push the economy back to a normal track and ensure that the economy operates within a reasonable range.

It should be said that the above-mentioned package of economic stabilization policy measures has played a positive role in stabilizing the economic fundamentals in the first half of the year and promoting economic recovery and development. However, it should also be noted that the economic recovery itself is still faced with many uncertain and unstable factors, especially the year-on-year growth rate of major economic indicators such as industrial added value above designated size, total retail sales of consumer goods, fixed asset investment, and employment in July all declined. , the leading indicator manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) has hovered below the 50% line of prosperity and decline for two consecutive months, indicating that the current basis for economic recovery is still not solid.

In the face of changes in economic operation, timely and decisive policies and maintaining a reasonable policy scale, neither flooding nor overdrafting the future are valuable experiences that decision-makers have gathered and formed in macro-control over the years. It is precisely based on the comprehensive consideration of the current economic recovery that is less than expected and new problems in employment and other fields, the 19 successive policy measures introduced this time are refocusing on the last round of stable growth policies, emphasizing that it is effective in improving targeted On the basis of stability, speed up the release of the combined effect of policies, promote the economy to stabilize and operate within a reasonable range, and strive for the best results.

Overall, the 19 follow-up policies and measures still insist on focusing on finance and infrastructure, clarifying the direction of real estate policies, and highlighting the role of private enterprises and the platform economy in stabilizing employment. In addition, corresponding arrangements have also been made in fields involving food, energy, logistics, foreign trade, etc., especially to facilitate the entry and exit of business personnel, which is considered an important step in the optimization of epidemic prevention policies.

Specifically, at the operational level, there are three changes worth paying attention to: First, finance is still the first move for steady growth in the second half of the year. Under the circumstance that fiscal pressure at all levels has increased, fiscal policy has put more emphasis on the rational use of stock space and policy financial tools. This meeting added more than 300 billion yuan of policy financial instruments and more than 500 billion yuan of special debt limit space. Market institutions predict that this cumulative capital space of more than 800 billion yuan is expected to drive new infrastructure investment of about 1.9 trillion yuan. This means that the growth rate of infrastructure investment this year may reach about 10%, which is more prominent in supporting stable growth.

Second, measures to stabilize the property market have become more clear. The statement in the follow-up measures about "allowing local governments to apply credit policies for 'one city, one policy' and reasonably support rigid and improved housing demand" sends positive signals to the market, such as reducing down payments on a wider scale, relaxing purchase and loan restrictions, and is conducive to stability The real estate market is expected to promote the stable and healthy development of the industry. However, the development situation varies from place to place. Under the premise of "housing, not speculating," the effect of the above-mentioned policies remains to be tested by the market.

Third, the new requirements for the development of the platform economy deserve attention. In the past two years, the platform economy has gone through a new stage from "strengthening anti-monopoly and preventing the disorderly expansion of capital" to "setting capital traffic lights" and "promoting the healthy development of the platform economy". The roles have changed, and the platform economy and business environment have been continuously optimized. What is certain is that the role of the platform economy in ensuring market entities and stabilizing employment will be further strengthened in the future.

From the perspective of policy strength, the strength of the package of policies to stabilize the economy and the follow-up policies has exceeded that of 2020, which also means that higher requirements are put forward for the accelerated implementation of local governments. At present, my country's economy is still in a critical window period of stabilization and recovery, and the third quarter is crucial to the economic operation of the whole year. It is imperative that relevant departments and local governments issue policy rules and supporting measures as soon as possible, so as to transform the combined effect of policy measures into a lasting driving force for economic recovery.

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