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Production technology and application of nylon thermal fuse
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Hot-melt filament is mixed with conventional polyester, nylon, wool or other fibers to produce non-woven fabrics or knitted or woven into thermally bonded fiber products Features: soft hand, high strength, washable, stiff, easy to care, no environmental pollution, etc. feature. Nylon hot fuse has a low melting point, thermoplasticity and self-adhesion. When heated to a certain temperature, it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid with a certain fluidity, and then solidify and become a solid after cooling.

Production process of nylon thermal fuse: Nylon hot fuse is made by spinning low-melting polyamide. Low-melting polyamide is a modified polyester. The nylon hot-melt yarn made from low-melting polyamide has the advantages of low melting point, high thermal bonding strength and stable physical and chemical properties.

The performance characteristics of nylon thermal fuse:

1. Low melting point, the melting point of nylon hot fuse is as low as 90C.

2. Good abrasion resistance, the abrasion resistance of polyamide fibers is particularly good among all textile fibers.

3. High breaking strength, the breaking strength of polyamide fiber long fiber for textile use is 5.0~6.4g/d.

4. Good dyeability. The dyeability of polyamide fiber is more difficult than that of natural fiber, but it is still easier to dye than other synthetic fibers. Generally, it is dyed with acid dyes.

Application of nylon thermal fuse: Nylon hot fuse mainly plays the role of thermal bonding, which is used for fly woven uppers, socks shoes, webbing, chenille, threaded connecting lines, lace, Bondi thread weaving, webbing, wool carpets , pads, automotive lining and other industries.

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