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The main use of polyester thermal fuse
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Xielong Group is a material textile, weaving, and dyeing supplier specializing in material textiles in shoe textiles. During the rapid development of China's economy, Xielong Group also continued to break through themselves, adheres to research and development and innovative products, and continues to increase operating products. Customers implement one -stop service of shoe materials. The operating varieties include the inner shoe materials, the scripture net cloth, the shija Kabu, the round -edged material, and the 3D flying upper.

The hot fuse is divided into two kinds: polyester thermal fuse and nylon thermal fuse. The melting point can be controlled between 85C and 180°C by adjusting the raw material characteristics.

Hot melting wires are divided into two types: polyester hot melting and nylon hot melting. By adjusting the characteristics of the raw material, the melting point is controlled between 85C and 180 ° C.

In normal temperature, the heat melting and other fiber woven the fabric, and then apply pressure to the fabric when the dry heat or humidity state. When the temperature is higher than the hot melting point, the hot melt is gradually melted. At this temperature, the conventional fibers remain unchanged, which is stuck together by hot melt.

Features of polyester thermal fuse:

Polyester thermal fuse and conventional polyester fiber blending, producing soft, high -strength, washing, straight, easy -to -operate, non -woven or knitted hot melt fiber without environmental pollution.

Polyester thermal fuse: It is mainly used for thermal adhesion, for Bondi yarn weaving, high -intensity belt materials, blankets, lining, car lining and other industries.

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