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2022 National Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Conference of the printing and dyeing industry helps the green transformation of the printing and dyeing industry
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In today's world, green development to realize low-carbon transformation is becoming the only choice for economic development of all countries. All links of global products, from design, research and development to production and circulation, are shifting to the green direction. Green development is becoming an important fulcrum to build sustainable competitiveness of industrial development and future discourse power. Green development represents the direction of the scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation of our time. It also represents the people's yearning for a better life and the direction of human civilization and progress. As an important part of the textile industry, the printing and dyeing industry is increasingly prominent in the value of the textile industry chain, and is the top priority for the green development of the textile industry.

In order to speed up the popularization and application of green low-carbon technologies, and promote the comprehensive green printing and dyeing industry transformation, achieving high quality and high level of protection, August 11, sponsored by the China dyeing and printing industry association, tongzhou bay jianghai linkage development demonstration area management committee co-organized "tongzhou bay seller 22 national energy conservation and environmental protection printing and dyeing industry conference" was held in nantong, jiangsu province.

The conference focused on the latest national environmental management policy, carbon emission reduction path and technology of the printing and dyeing industry, research and development and application of green and low-carbon technology and equipment, and efficient printing and dyeing wastewater and waste gas treatment technology. The conference also released the 15th batch of China's printing and Dyeing Industry energy conservation and emission reduction advanced Technology Recommendation Catalogue.

China textile industry association, vice President of Li Lingshen, China environmental science research institute deputy chief engineer jeorge, ecological environment of solid waste and chemical management technology center room engineer na-na zhao technology of solid waste management policy group, China dyeing and printing industry association of cf, vice mayor of nantong people's government, party member, the municipal government secretary-general LingYi, Tongzhou bay demonstration area, secretary of the party working Ding Feng ShiHongJie, director of the vice secretary of working committee, management committee and other leaders, as well as from tongzhou bay ecological environment department, market supervision, administration and other relevant departments of the leadership and guest, printing and dyeing and upstream and downstream industry professionals, the scholars of domestic universities, research institutes, etc. Nearly 300 people to attend this meeting.

The morning session was presided over by Chen Zhihua, president of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association.

Ling Yi, deputy mayor of Nantong Municipal People's Government, member of the Party group and secretary-general of the municipal government, said in his speech that the textile industry is Nantong's most recognizable and iconic pillar industry and the industry of enriching the people. After 100 years of development, it has formed a modern textile industry system with complete and complete categories of home textile, cotton textile, clothing, chemical fiber, silk and printing and dyeing. At present, Nantong is focusing on the goal of "building a world-class advanced textile industry zone", vigorously promoting technological innovation and application innovation, consolidating the three industrial chains of high-end home textile, chemical fiber and textile fabric, and striving to become a leader in the high-end value chain of the global textile industry. Among them, Tongzhou Bay Modern Textile Industrial Park, as one of the two key construction platforms of Nantong textile industry, is becoming the first choice for investment and development of new outstanding textile printing and dyeing enterprises with strong investment strength, high quality and green development technology.

He said that the convening of the annual conference on energy conservation and environmental protection will surely inject new momentum into the development of Nantong textile printing and dyeing industry. In the future, Nantong will take the "Year of Improving Business Environment" as an opportunity to accelerate the quality and efficiency improvement and green development of the textile industry with a more open and inclusive attitude, a more relaxed and convenient business environment, and a more perfect and precise policy support.

Li Lingshen, vice president of China National Textile Industry Council, pointed out in his speech that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry has been further promoted, with remarkable achievements in green development and a solid step forward in the high-quality development of the industry. "Difference" printing and dyeing industry should be based on a new stage of development, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept, build the new development pattern, with overall green transformation of the economic and social development as the guide, to speed up the formation of resource conservation and environmental protection of the industrial structure and mode of production, ecological priority, unswervingly take the high quality of the green, low carbon development path.

For the future development of the printing and dyeing industry, he put forward three suggestions:

First, we will continue to fight a tough battle against pollution, achieve synergies in reducing pollution and carbon emissions, and help achieve the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. We should further promote the adjustment of energy structure and improve the efficiency of energy utilization; Strengthen the waste gas treatment of printing, heat setting, coating, composite, wastewater treatment and other processes, promote the application of efficient and applicable waste gas purification treatment system.

Second, build a market-oriented green technology innovation system, promote the application of advanced energy-saving technology products, and achieve green and low-carbon transition. We should strengthen the research and layout of basic theories, basic schemes and cutting-edge technologies in the field of green and low carbon, and accelerate the transformation and application of green technology innovation achievements. Promote clean production technology in the whole industry chain, strengthen the control of pollutants in the production process and comprehensive utilization of resources.

Third, strengthen the green management of the whole life cycle of products, and strive to build an efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green manufacturing system. In order to promote the green development of the whole industrial chain and product life cycle, the green concept and social responsibility system should be integrated into the product life cycle management, and the construction of green manufacturing system with green products, green factories, green parks and green supply chain as the main content should be comprehensively promoted.

At the meeting, in order to better promote the construction and development of modern textile industrial Park in Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Area, China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tongzhou Bay Demonstration Area. Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, integrate the advantageous resources of the industry, and build a green, low-carbon and high-quality development demonstration textile park.

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