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Based on the new stage, we will unleash new growth drivers and build new strengths
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In order to promote Xinjiang's textile and apparel industry to achieve the strategic goal of high-quality development in the new stage, and promote the whole industrial chain upgrading of textile and apparel and other labor-intensive industries from primary processing to science and technology, fashion and green, from August 23 to 25, "Xinjiang Textile Industry High Quality Development Conference (2022)" will be held in Urumqi, Xinjiang before the 7th China-Eurasia Expo.

With abundant cotton resources, convenient transportation and logistics, and regional advantages as the core hub of the "One Belt and One Road", Xinjiang has a good foundation for accelerating the development of the textile and apparel industry. Since the second Central Xinjiang Work Symposium decided to implement the plan of developing the textile and apparel industry in Xinjiang to promote the employment of one million people, the textile and apparel industry in Xinjiang has entered a period of rapid growth. The industry has developed rapidly, its production capacity has doubled, the industrial foundation has been continuously consolidated, and the industrial competitiveness has been increasing day by day. Xinjiang has become one of the provinces that attract the most textile and garment industry transfer from the eastern and central regions in the western part of China.

It is reported that from 2014 to 2020, the number of textile and apparel enterprises in Xinjiang increased from 560 to 3,328, with an increase of 2,768, including 1,034 enterprises from the mainland to invest in Xinjiang, and some of them are large textile leading enterprises such as Huafu, Ruiz and Tianhong. It has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of cotton planting and processing, textile, chemical fiber, dyeing and finishing, clothing and industrial use. Xinjiang textile industry is stepping onto the stage of history, in the whole Xinjiang and even the country's sense of existence is increasing day by day.

What is more noteworthy is that under the Belt and Road Initiative, Xinjiang has comprehensively accelerated the construction of a new pattern of opening-up. The China-Europe freight train service has been running regularly, and the "circle of friends" for Eurasian cooperation has been expanding, providing favorable conditions for the textile and apparel industry to further expand its market.

During the inspection at Urumqi International Land Port Area, the General Secretary observed the on-site operation situation of various functional areas of the assembly center of the China-Europe Freight Train (Urumqi), Alashankou port and Khorgos port through real-time video. The general secretary said that with the deepening of the Belt and Road cooperation, Xinjiang is no longer a remote area, but a core area and a hub. This judgment has greatly encouraged the determination of the economic and social development of Xinjiang, and enhanced the confidence of all walks of life to invest in Xinjiang.

The theme of the "Xinjiang Textile Industry Quality Development Conference 2022" is "Based on the New Stage, Stimulate New Drivers, Build New Advantages". It is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and China National Textile Council. Cotton industry in xinjiang uygur autonomous region development leading group office, the ministry of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region, xinjiang uygur autonomous region of human resources and social security hall, the xinjiang international exhibition bureau, China cotton textile industry association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the textile industry branch, China fashion designers association, association of textile and apparel (clothing) in xinjiang, xinjiang clothing design Organized BY Teachers Association and China TEXTILE MAGAZINE (THE JOURNAL OF China Textile Industry Council).

The conference will invite leaders of National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries, leaders of professional associations such as China National Textile Industry Council, leaders of the people's government of autonomous region and relevant competent departments at the department or bureau level, as well as representatives of large textile and garment leading enterprises and industrial parks inside and outside Xinjiang. Focusing on the current development status of Xinjiang textile and apparel industry, in-depth discussion of the "14th Five-Year Plan" Xinjiang textile and apparel industry high quality development of new ideas, for the development of Xinjiang textile and apparel industry link new resources, create a new atmosphere of high quality development of the textile and apparel industry in Xinjiang.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan", Xinjiang, as the core hub of the "Silk Road", shoulders important missions and is pregnant with important opportunities, with the deepening of China's opening up to the outside world, the development of the western region and the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the Xinjiang government has listed labor-intensive industries such as textile, clothing and electronic products as the key industries to be developed during the period. It is believed that the combination of a series of special preferential policies and measures at the national and autonomous regions will provide strong support for the development of Xinjiang's textile and apparel industry in the future.

Everything in the world worth having is worth waiting for.

We firmly believe that the development of Xinjiang textile industry will write new brilliant in the near future, we firmly believe that the development of Xinjiang textile industry will create new miracles in the new era. In August, Urumqi, Xinjiang looks forward to the visit of textile colleagues from all over the country.

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