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Polyester thermal fuse for hot fuse
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Hot fuse, also known as low melting point fiber, is one of the most rapidly developed functional fibers in recent years. The hot fuse is divided into polyester thermal fuse and nylon thermal fuse. The melting point can be controlled between 85℃ and 180℃ by adjusting the characteristics of raw materials. In the normal temperature state, the hot fuse and other fibers woven fabric, and then in the dry heat or wet heat state, the pressure on the fabric, when the temperature is higher than the melting point of the hot fuse, the hot fuse gradually melting.

Polyester thermal fuse using polyester hot fuse; Polyester hot fuse has a low melting point, melting point: 110 degrees, thermoplastic and self-viscous, when heated to a certain temperature, it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid with a certain fluidity, and then solidify into a solid when cooled.

Characteristics of polyester thermal fuse:

Blend polyester hot melt wire with conventional polyester and other fibers to produce soft hand, high strength, washable, straightening, easy to operate, no environmental pollution of nonwoven or knitted or woven hot melt fiber.

Polyester thermal fuse is widely used in flying uppers, Chenille yarn, high-grade lining, pants mouth paste, knitted hat, Bundy thread, socks and shoes.

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