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The textile industry will help the textile industry reduce the loss of trade friction
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Since this year, under the background of complex and changeable situation at home and abroad, frequent trade frictions have brought great pressure to Chinese textile and apparel enterprises. It is very important to safeguard the interests of enterprises and safeguard the export of textile and garment.

In the first half of this year, China's textile and apparel industries were hit by nine trade remedy investigations, up 28 per cent year on year, involving the European Union, Peru, Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia, the data showed. The total was $1.63bn, up 27 per cent from a year earlier. The nine trade remedy investigation includes 100% polyester fabrics in Peru anti-dumping investigation, the European Union for zhejiang hayley to new materials co., LTD. 2 separate the anti-dumping investigation on the original case, Turkey nylon or other polyamides safeguards review, Brazil knitting yarn on the sunset anti-dumping review of the second survey, the European Union, polyester on the sunset anti-dumping review of high tenacity yarn for the second time Investigation and other 7 reexamination cases.

Since the beginning of this year, China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce has taken advantage of its platform advantages and industry status to actively organize and respond to trade friction cases, and strive to minimize the losses. "At present, the industry defense of Brazilian polyester yarn (except sewing thread) anti-dumping case and Peruvian garment safeguard case launched in 2019 are not closed, and the EU has launched three investigations on the same product category of polyester high-strength yarn. The handling of these cases has become the focus of the work of the textile chamber in the first half of this year." Wang Yu, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles, said.

Organize enterprises to participate in industry defense

On March 8, 2021, the Brazilian investigative authorities opened an anti-dumping investigation case against polyester yarn, and on September 29, 2021, they made a preliminary determination on dumping, injury, causation, public interest and other issues, and decided to continue the investigation without taking interim measures. In the process of responding to this investigation case, the textile Chamber of Commerce actively organized enterprises to participate in the industry defense. Wang yu, "for the Chinese enterprises to the favorable ruling, followed by textile chamber of commerce case related to the various domestic and foreign policy, since the second half of last year has two responses to work meeting, take the initiative to break through the other stakeholders to put me status set obstacles, timely submit industry without damage to the contradictory opinions, from the aspects of public interest in defense, "We will do our best to encourage the Pakistani investigation authorities to use production costs and domestic sales data of Chinese companies, while mobilizing Pakistani importers and downstream users to lobby." No final ruling has been issued on the case.

As one of the important industrial categories in Peru, the textile and garment industry is an important force for its economic development. Since 2020, Peru's textile industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With the gradual slowdown of the epidemic and the acceleration of economic recovery, Peru continues to launch trade remedy investigations in order to protect the development of the domestic textile and garment industry. In December 2021, Peru launched its second safeguard investigation into textile and apparel imports from China. In this regard, the Textile Chamber of Commerce organized the enterprises involved in the case to hold a network response coordination meeting in time. Finally, 11 enterprises decided to participate in the industry no-damage defense organized by the Textile Chamber of Commerce.

"In response to the case, textile chamber of commerce has adopted a series of key steps in the first half of this year, including preliminary products out advice, write to notarial certification industry representative and nearly three years for the involved products import and export situation through statistical analysis, successively three times for temporary measures and products out and filing announcements and technical reports submitted to contradictory opinions." Wang Yu introduced, in addition, the textile chamber of Commerce on behalf of the industry to Peru's three ministries and commissions, on the case handling and temporary measures to express their views. The Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Peru, in cooperation with China, has repeatedly made representations with the Peruvian investigation authorities and relevant ministries and commissions to oppose the levy. Thanks to the joint efforts of all parties, on May 14 this year, the Peruvian government issued an official announcement that the Peruvian multi-sectoral Commission ruled not to take interim measures to avoid the adverse impact of the temporary tax measures on enterprises. The final verdict of the case will be issued in the near future.

Do a good job of case warning in advance

Since the beginning of this year, the EU has launched three investigations into polyester high-strength yarn products exported from China: the second sunset review investigation launched on February 23, the mid-term anti-dumping review investigation launched on June 30 against the industry and the anti-dumping investigation launched separately against Haileed Group. The three investigations involve Chinese exports to the EU worth up to $235 million, which are of major interest to companies.

To this end, the textile Chamber of Commerce has twice organized enterprises to hold a coordination meeting. Wang Yu analyzed that, "From the perspective of sunset review investigation, the EU generally does not modify the existing tax rates, but decides to cancel or extend the original measures by judging whether dumping and damage will continue or happen again, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the enterprises involved in the response and the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the response. In response to this situation, the Textile Chamber of Commerce introduced to the enterprises in detail the new investigation methods adopted by the EU after the amendment of anti-dumping regulations in December 2017, as well as the new changes in the EU market, and the recent export situation of the enterprises. And antidumping midterm review and separate an anti-dumping investigation against enterprise both in terms of investigations, on the basis of comprehensive enterprise investigations will not textile associations defense industry, but as a result of early warning information release case textile chamber of commerce and timely responses to a meeting, held the main companies involved are submitted on time sampling volume, thus avoiding punitive tariffs. At the same time, major exporters have decided to participate in the dumping defense and seize the opportunity to seek the best outcome.

The reporter learned that although trade remedy investigation cases in the textile and apparel industry occurred frequently in the first half of this year, compared with the 22 cases in 2020, which was the peak number of cases in the past decade, it is still at a normal level at present. According to the textile Chamber of Commerce, this year the textile and garment industry trade remedy investigation cases will continue to be flat with the same period last year. In the future, the Textile Chamber of Commerce will, as always, play an active role in the "four-body linkage" mechanism, closely track the changes of the import and export of the products involved in the case, do a good job of early warning in advance, timely organize enterprises to participate in the coordination of case response, and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises and the industry.

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