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【Xielong Science Popularization】 The advantages and disadvantages of Oxford cloth fabrics
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1. Oxford spun cotton is light in texture and soft to the touch.

2. Oxford spinning has good waterproof performance.

3. The durability of Oxford woven fabric is very strong, so it is very suitable for all kinds of bags.

4. Convenience: Compared with the hard case, the most obvious structural feature of Oxford cloth bags is the variety of shapes, which can meet the flexible access of various small objects that need to be frequently used when traveling.

5. Wear-resistant, drop-resistant, and pressure-resistant: Oxford cloth bags have much looser environmental requirements than hard cases because of their strong and tough properties.

6. Anti-scratch: The Oxford fabric is tight and strong, and can easily deal with inadvertent collisions and frictions when traveling, while the smooth surface of the hard case will be scratched, bumped, etc., which will be obvious and difficult to repair.

7. Durability: The durability here does not mean fall resistance or wear resistance, but Oxford cloth can still maintain its original appearance after frequent and long-term use, and the hard case has no bumps after long-term use. Scratch, it is difficult to hide the traces left by the years, even if the sticker is attached, the discoloration and loss of the material cannot be stopped.

8. Because of the many advantages of Oxford cloth, the uses in life can be seen everywhere. Oxford cloth is widely used in the production of trolley cases, backpacks, handbags, tool bags, tents, carports, strollers, baby carriers, fences, simple wardrobes, storage, shoe materials, health equipment and other fields.

9. Disadvantages of Oxford woven fabrics: polyester fabrics are generally treated with anti-static and rain-proof coatings, and the coatings are easily damaged.

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