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Chemical fiber high quality development should focus firmly on these three areas
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From "follow" to "parallel" and "lead"

Embrace the future of China chemical fiber

As the father of Dacron materials in China, Jiang Shicheng made the wardrobe of Chinese people who could only wear cotton and hemp rich. Jiang Shicheng let "Dacron" such a material from the altar of high import, into the life of every Chinese ordinary people; The team led by Jiang Shicheng created the first glorious milestone in the history of China's chemical fiber development.

Today, China's chemical fiber industry has achieved from small to large, and is trudging on the track of high-quality development from large to strong. Jiang Shicheng said: "After the development of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the scientific and technological strength of China's chemical fiber industry has been greatly enhanced, and the technological level has stepped into a new stage from 'keeping pace' to 'running and leading' with the world's leading level, providing a strong support for China's economic development, improvement of people's livelihood, ecological optimization and national security. But industry must realize soberly, chemical fiber industry in China science and technology level and foreign advanced level there is a certain gap, which is mainly manifested in the still need to strengthen basic theory research, still need to improve our capacity for independent innovation, key core technology still need to strengthen research, multi-level talent team construction to be strengthened, the industry also need to continue to work hard in the development of high quality road."

Shi-cheng jiang said: "the development of science and technology of China chemical fiber industry, on the basis of fully grasp the current situation, in key areas and its advanced technology planning and layout, to supplement the core technology, master the key technology and common technology, planning major projects and projects, improve the industry sustainable development ability and core competitiveness."

Jiang Shicheng believes that the next industry development should focus on these three areas: fiber new materials, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing.

To be specific, the development level of new fiber materials is related to the national economy, social development and national security. Next, enterprises need to focus on the technological progress of functional fiber, bio-based fiber, high-performance fiber and recycling fiber. In addition, nanofibers, intelligent fibers, biomedical fibers and other cutting-edge new fiber materials as well as degradable fibers are the fields that need to be focused on for high-quality development of the industry.

In the field of green manufacturing, Jiang Shicheng said: "green environmental protection process, oil additives catalyst and green fiber certification and platform system construction, promotion are chemical fiber high-quality development needs to overcome the topic."

During the 14th Five-year Plan period, green manufacturing will become the main battlefield for the manufacturing industry to achieve the goal of "double carbon". To achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality is also the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the textile industry in the future. To this end, the Chinese Academy of Engineering has set up a consulting project of "Textile Industry dual carbon Development Strategy and Technology Roadmap". Shi-cheng jiang is introduced, the project will be based on China's textile industry status quo of carbon emissions and the key link of the industrial chain, textile raw materials coefficient of carbon emissions reduction technology and waste material recycling carbon emissions benefits such as research, form the textile industry of low carbon development technology roadmap, and put forward our country textile industry and policy measures for the development of low carbon transformation. This is also the high quality development of the chemical fiber industry needs to focus on the aspect.

In addition, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Jiang Shicheng believes that digital transformation of enterprises should be vigorously promoted, and enterprises should be encouraged to build intelligent factories based on big data, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet.

Forging the long board, reinforcing the weak board to consolidate the foundation of high-quality development

New fiber materials, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, is high quality shi-cheng jiang pointed out that the industry development needs to focus on the crucial three points, "according to the three key areas I think we need to further highlight the key industries, a number of major science and technology and special engineering layout, strengthen the scientific and technological innovation and industry chain supply chain resilience, strengthen basic research, to promote application research, to develop strong chain chain, We will speed up our efforts to solve the problem of getting stuck." Jiang Shicheng said.

Jiang Shicheng said for example: the field of fiber new materials can focus on solving the high efficiency flexible industrialization technology of polyamide fiber, antimony-free polyester fiber industrialization technology, high efficiency flame retardant fiber industrialization technology, medical protection fiber industrialization technology. In the field of bio-based chemical fiber, the special pulp and NMMO solvent preparation technology of Lessel fiber should be focused on, and the low-cost preparation technology of important raw materials such as high photopurity, high chemical purity lactic acid and lactide should be conquered. High-performance fiber field contains many categories, which need to be solved one by one. For example, the preparation technology of T1100 and M65J carbon fibers with large filament bundles above 48K needs breakthrough. Para aramid fiber needs to realize the stabilization and large-scale production of high strength and high model para aramid fiber, aramid fiber paper, and aramid fiber honeycomb material to meet the application of safety protection, optical communication, aerospace, rail transportation and other fields. The most important thing for UHMWPE fiber is to break through the high efficiency and low cost and develop its function, and expand its application in Marine breeding, protective clothing and other fields.

In addition, there are some ultra-cutting-edge fiber products such as nano fiber, intelligent fiber, graphene modified fiber, etc., which also need to actively overcome the technical bottleneck to achieve a new stage of development.

About green manufacturing, Jiang Shicheng pointed out that the technology should focus on the new technology of high-quality recycled polyester, energy-saving and low-carbon device research and development; The key technology research and development of green oil agent, auxiliary agent and catalyst should be combined with the "double carbon" strategy to clarify the implementation path of carbon reduction in the industry, increase the research and development of green technology and equipment, strengthen the transformation of clean production technology and the promotion of key energy-saving and emission reduction technology so as to promote the improvement of the green development level of chemical fiber. In addition, we should focus on promoting the construction of a credible platform for green fiber products to improve the quantity and quality of green fiber supply.

In the intelligent manufacturing part, Jiang Shicheng specifically pointed out that leading enterprises in the industry should be guided to play the role of concentrating resources to create an industrial Internet platform that can serve the chemical fiber industry, promote the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to realize resource data sharing through the industrial Internet platform, strengthen the connection between supply and demand, and promote the coordinated development and application of the whole industrial chain.

Except in key areas set up key special shi-cheng jiang said that the basic research for the industrial development has valuable long-term value, universities and research institutes, industry needs full attention to strengthen the theoretical basis, for improving the stability of products, improve product performance to provide theoretical support, leading the future high-tech chemical fiber industry development, Consolidate the international competitive advantage of China's chemical fiber industry, and build a comprehensive chemical fiber power.

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