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12 leaders in the chemical fiber industry gathered, what did they talk about?
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Recently, a symposium on the chemical fiber industry in Zhejiang Province organized by the Economic and Information Department of Zhejiang Province attracted much attention. The conference gathered the "Four Families" of China's chemical fiber: Xiaoshan twins Rongsheng and Hengyi, Tongxiang twins Tongkun and Xinfengming; leading polyester industrial yarn companies: Guxiandao Green Fiber, Hilead New Materials, Youfu High-tech Fiber Co., Ltd. ; Leading enterprise in recycling polyester: Haili Environmental Protection, Jiaren New Materials, Benma Chemical Fiber; one of the top three nylon civil yarns: Huading Nylon; leading enterprise in spandex: Huafeng Chemical. What was this meeting about?

Half of the country, firmly in the leading position

The textile and clothing industry is one of the traditional advantageous industries in Zhejiang Province, and it is also one of the four world-class advanced manufacturing clusters and ten iconic industrial chains that Zhejiang Province strives to build.

Zhejiang is also the largest chemical fiber province in the country and the world's largest chemical fiber production base. Zhejiang Chemical Fiber accounts for nearly half of China's chemical fiber output.

Zhejiang chemical fiber industry has formed a stable group of leading enterprises and a reasonable layout of small but strong specialized production enterprises. On April 11, 2022, the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association released the pre-ranking list of chemical fiber industry output in 2021 based on the data from January to September 2021 reported by enterprises. Among the top 100 in the comprehensive list, Zhejiang exclusively occupies the top three, accounting for a total of 30. Four seats. Leading enterprises have global competitive advantages in terms of production scale, industrial chain integration, innovation capabilities, green manufacturing, brand building, etc., and are well-deserved "Big Macs" in the industry; New” businesses are also emerging.

In 2021, with the effective control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the steady progress of resumption of work and production, the production of the textile industry will gradually resume, reaching the level before the epidemic. In 2021, enterprises above designated size in the textile and apparel industry in Zhejiang Province will achieve a total industrial output value of 1,000.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.5%, and an operating income of 1,071.6 billion yuan, both of which will break the trillion mark, ranking first in the country; billion US dollars, ranking first in the country. Among them, in 2021, the chemical fiber output of the chemical fiber industry in Zhejiang Province will be 32.0961 million tons, and the operating income will be 388.913 billion yuan. The overall situation of rising prices, increasing profits and stable inventory has achieved a good start in the "14th Five-Year Plan". The chemical fiber revenue accounts for 36.3% of the textile and clothing industry in Zhejiang Province, which accounts for a high proportion and has a wide range of applications. The stable growth of the chemical fiber industry is closely related to high-quality development.

Improve upstream, strengthen downstream

Since the beginning of this year, affected by frequent epidemics, logistics obstruction, geopolitics, rising costs, and sluggish market demand, the operating rate of the chemical fiber industry has declined, production growth has slowed down, and benefits have fallen significantly, and business pressure has increased.

"Currently, the severe market situation and a series of black swan events are forcing textile enterprises to adjust themselves in an all-round way. Those with strong immunity will accelerate their growth, and vice versa, they will be eliminated at an accelerated rate," said the entrepreneurs who attended the meeting.

Affected by the epidemic, the local logistics of the chemical fiber industry agglomeration is blocked, the demand is sluggish, the price of raw materials is rising, and the cost of superimposed chemical fiber remains high, and it is difficult to transmit to the downstream smoothly.

From the perspective of supply, with the improvement of industrial integration, in order to digest the growth of refining and chemical production capacity, downstream supporting projects continue to expand significantly, so raw materials and chemical fibers are still in the period of capacity expansion.

From the market perspective, my country's textile and apparel market is expected to decline, and domestic sales may maintain a low-speed and steady growth as a whole. Under the influence of "weak demand, high base, and order outflow", the growth rate of external demand will gradually decline.

From the perspective of production, in order to promote the balance of supply and demand in the industry and maintain the healthy development of the industrial chain, since the beginning of April, several major chemical fiber factories have formulated and implemented burden reduction maintenance plans, with the proportion reaching 20%. measures to reduce the burden of maintenance.

For leading polyester enterprises, "improving upstream and strengthening downstream" has become their inevitable strategic choice. And those small and medium-sized enterprises that invest in the research and development of high value-added products in the segmented market, that is, specialized, specialized and new enterprises, still maintain enough space for competitiveness.

Intensive policy release to boost confidence

Recently, a series of economic stabilization and relief measures have been introduced intensively from the national to the local level. With the effective control of the epidemic, the gradual recovery of the economy, the continuous development of policies and the increase in consumer confidence, the domestic demand market has greater opportunities.

At the meeting, the person in charge of the Economic and Information Department of Zhejiang Province listened to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of the 12 participating enterprises. The person in charge of the enterprises was generally cautious and optimistic about the development of the chemical fiber industry in the next stage. of hope.

A few days ago, Zhejiang Province released a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy in Zhejiang Province, which mainly include financial support, financial support, investment expansion, consumption promotion, foreign trade and foreign investment stabilization, food and energy security, industrial chain supply chain stability, and basic livelihood. Each aspect and 38 policy measures.

In addition, the "Zhejiang Province Action Plan for Smooth Circulation and Stabilization of Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan") was officially released. The Action Plan includes 25 specific measures from ten aspects to promote the smooth flow of the industrial chain and supply chain, and promote the stabilization and recovery of the industrial economy.

Sun Boyong, President of Zhejiang Textile Industry Association, suggested: first, protect entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurial spirit; second, strengthen top-level design and positioning of Zhejiang's textile and garment industry; Provide guidance and key support to a wide range of companies and products.

Xu Xiaoyue, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Economic and Information Office, pointed out three points in her concluding speech: First, it is necessary to gather forces from all sides. The chemical fiber industry in Zhejiang Province has a large scale and strong influence. It is necessary to give full play to the leading and leading role of chain-based enterprises, leading enterprises, and representative enterprises, and join forces with the government, associations, universities, think tanks and other forces to work together to promote the steady growth and high growth of the industry. Quality development. The second is to boost confidence in development. The provincial party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the stable development of the chemical fiber industry. The long-term positive development trend of the chemical fiber industry has not changed. It is necessary to examine the current predicament of the chemical fiber industry from a long-term perspective, treat it as an important adjustment period in the long-term development cycle, and plan the development of the industry from a higher level. The third is to strengthen policy supply and corporate services. In accordance with the requirements of "prevent the epidemic, stabilize the economy, and secure development", take extraordinary measures, solve development problems, actively guide expectations, and stimulate enterprise vitality, so as to achieve continuous production, continuous chain, production capacity, and order. . Regarding the problems reported by enterprises, the Economic and Information Department of Zhejiang Province will summarize and deal with them by classification and layering, which really helps enterprises to overcome difficulties together.

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