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Insight into the fashion trend of Chinese fabrics
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Leading product research and development with trends, innovating business models with digitalization, and optimizing supply chains to reduce costs and increase efficiency are becoming a new weapon for textile and garment enterprises to cope with consumption upgrades and the new situation after the epidemic.

Recently, Keqiao Everyday Fashion-Fashion Exchange "2023 Spring/Summer Chinese Fabric Fashion Trend Practical Class" gave a lecture at Keqiao China Women's Fabric Fashion Trend Research Institute, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Industry experts shared themes on fabric fashion trends, digital applications and supply chain management, helping merchants and enterprises in China Textile City sort out the development direction of fabric products in the new season and interpret the password for business growth.

The event was sponsored by the China Textile City Construction Management Committee, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, and undertaken by the China Textile City Creative Industry Service Center, China Textile Information Center, National Textile Product Development Center, and China Women's Wear Fabric Fashion Trend Research Institute.

As one of the important events for 2022 Keqiao Fashion Week (Spring) · Fashion Services to enter the market, this event has attracted merchants and enterprises such as Tianhao International, Yuhua Holding Group, Shaoxing Tianse Textile, Shaoxing Shidu Textile, Zhejiang Dashu Textile and so on. Nearly 50 people attended.

Forward-looking fabric trends and clear planning directions

In the speech on "Analysis of Chinese Fabric Fashion Trends in Spring and Summer 2023", Qu Mengwei, a trend researcher of the Fashion Trend Department of China Textile Information Center, based on the research results of the 2023 spring and summer fashion trends, combined with the social situation, policy direction and consumption behavior, from color, fabric, The three dimensions of lifestyle interpret the latest product development hotspots, help companies analyze consumer demand, develop research and development ideas, and improve their understanding and application of fashion trends.

"As an innovative fabric development enterprise, the prediction and analysis of fashion trends is very important to the company's product development." Wang Zhijun, general manager of Lisun Textile Co., Ltd., said that this sharing will focus on market trends, consumption pain points, design inspiration and other professional content. It is very effective for enterprises to grasp consumer demand and implement fashion trends into the planning and design and development of spring and summer women's clothing fabrics.

Open the intelligent manufacturing mode and enable digital efficient empowerment

In the sharing of "Intelligent Manufacturing Model before Sewing in the Cloud and Fabric Supply Chain", Xu Yehong, a partner of "Yibangren", took the "Internet + door-to-door measurement + Industry 4.0" C2M innovation model adopted by "Yibangren" as an example to explain the digital empowerment model. An efficient solution for clothing customization. She pointed out that the C2M model of "Yibang people" has built a bridge between the demand side and the supply side, and is an active exploration and practice of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and modern manufacturing.

Yao Ludeng, business assistant of Shaoxing Baixinsheng Knitting Co., Ltd., said that the "Yibang people" C2M model shows the concept of "new customization in China" in the field of clothing, and achieves rapid market response and efficient business collaboration. Business development has positive reference significance.

Create a flexible supply chain to achieve efficient and fast response

In response to the problems that textile and garment enterprises need to solve urgently, such as improving production efficiency, controlling operating costs, and strengthening the rapid response capability of the supply chain, Luo Jianjun, founder and CEO of "Miaoyou Technology", wrote in "How to Realize the Quality Rapid Supply Chain in the Age of Smart Manufacturing" In his speech, combined with the brand front-line cases, it analyzed how fabric companies should adapt to the production rhythm of "small orders and quick response" to reduce costs and increase efficiency. He emphasized that the rapid changes in the demand side of the clothing industry forced the supply side to accelerate the change, and "flexible intelligent manufacturing + small order and quick response" became the inevitable development trend of the supply chain.

"Faced with the 'small and fast' market demand, shortening the production cycle, stabilizing product quality, and establishing a fast-response supply chain system are the top priorities of current fabric companies." said Shen Tingting, manager of Shaoxing Shidu Textile Co., Ltd. The "Small Order Quick Reverse" model has pointed out the development direction for fabric enterprises, enhancing production flexibility with a flexible supply chain and matching the needs of clothing brands with a faster production rhythm, which will help fabric enterprises win the first opportunity in the fierce market competition.

In 2022, the first offline event of Keqiao Daily Fashion is based on new trends and developments in the industry, from online to offline, from methods to cases, from experience to actual combat, and deeply analyzes the latest consumption hotspots, supply chain management pain points and digital management ideas , which brings new solutions for merchants and enterprises to accurately grasp the market demand, improve the level of product development and management, and realize the upgrading and commercial implementation of creative design and innovative products.

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