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Introduction of TPU hot melt omentum
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What is hot melt mesh? Hot-melt adhesive mesh film, also known as hot-melt double-sided lining, is a hot-melt adhesive product that looks like a non-woven fabric. It will melt at high temperature, and it is sticky on both sides. Because of its structural characteristics, it can still maintain the air permeability of the bonded material after lamination. It is a kind of environmentally friendly adhesive.

TPU is one of the components of hot melt adhesive mesh, TPU is the English abbreviation, and the Chinese name is polyurethane. It has good elasticity, is very soft, and has good water resistance. It is suitable for textiles, TPU films, polyurethane sponges and some rubber materials. and other materials have good adhesion. Compared with other components of hot melt adhesive mesh, TPU material feels a little shaky to the touch, and the color is white and yellow. It is widely used in textiles, toys, daily necessities, and industrial products. Of course, in addition to the hot-melt adhesive film made of TPU, there are also PES hot-melt adhesive film, EVA hot-melt adhesive film and PA hot-melt adhesive film.

How to use TPU hot melt omentum:

TPU is a hot melt adhesive mesh film without release paper, and if you need a hot melt adhesive mesh film with release paper, you can contact us, we support customization.

When using a hot melt web without release liner, simply place the hot melt web in the middle of the two layers of material to be bonded, and then use the pressing equipment (iron, flat press or Other professional laminating machines and other equipment) for pressing and bonding, pay attention that the hot melt adhesive mesh film cannot exceed the edge of the material to be adhered, otherwise the mesh film will melt and stick to the equipment when exposed to high temperature.

When using a hot melt adhesive mesh film with release paper, it is necessary to use a pressing machine to pre-bond the mesh glue to one side of the material, and then wait for cooling and tear off the release paper before bonding to the other side of the material.

TPU hot melt omentum application:

TPU hot melt omentum can be used for bonding including but not limited to: textiles, polyurethane foam sponges, TPU films, and some rubber components.

It can be used for bonding in one-piece pants, clothing, shoe materials, daily necessities and other industries.

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