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The performance characteristics of nylon thermal fuse products
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Hot melting fiber, also known as low melting point fiber, is one of the fastest -growing functional fibers in recent years.

Hot melting wires are divided into two types: polyester  thermal fuse and nylon thermal fuse. It can control the melting point between 85 ° C and 180 ° C by adjusting the characteristics of the raw material.

In normal temperature, the heat melting and other fiber woven the fabric, and then apply pressure to the fabric when the dry heat or humidity state. When the temperature is higher than the hot melting point, the hot melt is gradually melted. At this temperature, the conventional fibers remain unchanged, which is stuck together by hot melt.

Thermal melting and other fibers are mixed with non -knitting or knitted or woven items to thermal bonding fiber products, which have the characteristics of softness, high strength, washing resistance, stiffness, setting, and easy care.

Therefore, hot melting can replace chemical adhesives such as glue, avoiding pollution of volatiles and powder layers, environmental protection and non -toxic; at the same time, it saves the process process and reduces downstream production costs.

Nylon thermal fuse is a special nylon wire that changes glue after hot melt.

Fujian Zhangping Xielong High -tech Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a material spinning, weaving, and dyeing supplier specializing in shoe textiles. It was founded in 1992. It is headquartered in Jinjiang, Fujian Province, which is known as the shoe capital of China. During the development period, Xielong Group also continued to break through themselves, insisted on research and development and innovative products, continued to increase the types of products operating, and achieved one -stop services for customers. Cloths, round materials, and 3D flying upper.

The company's main products include:

(1) Nylon thermal fuse, we are a manufacturer with a large domestic production and sales, and the cost performance is among the best.

(2). The developed TPU special silk (dual composite) and other series of products fill the domestic gap.

(3). The launch of hot -melt oscillus has added vital army to hot -melt series products. The launch of new materials will provide products with environmentally friendly safety and excellent performance for shoes, clothing, bags, furniture, decoration and other industries.

Fujian ZhangpingXielong Group High-tech Chemical Fiber Company Co., Ltd. leading products of include:nylon thermal fuseTPU special filament, polyester thermal fuseTPU hot melt omentum, PA hot melt omentum,.The company has always adhered to the 3s core service tenet: "saving time, cost savings, saving losses", advocates a total of industrial value, and is committed to providing a better solution for the overall industrial chain. Plan, welcome to buy the nylon thermal fuse,polyester thermal fuse!

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