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On May 12, Zhu Junhua, deputy secretary and mayor of the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee, led the person in charge of the relevant departments to investigate the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry. Zhu Junhua emphasized that it is necessary to deeply realize that the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry is a must -answer question that Lanxi cannot go around. The courage and courage of the back of the city must be taken out of the battle. New victory.

Zhu Junhua and his party went to Zhejiang Wanzhou Holding Group Co., Ltd., Lanjiang Street Lankou Village, Zhejiang Tianxin Textile Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Wenrong Textile Co., Ltd., etc. Market expansion, technology research and development, project progress and other situations. Zhu Junhua pointed out that the textile industry is not only Lanxi's traditional industry, but also an important pillar industry. It not only carries the past of Lanxi, but also contributes greater power in future development. High energy consumption, low technology content, and shortcomings such as more safety hazards and other hidden dangers must be seen directly to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.

After listening to the report of the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, Zhu Junhua asked to optimize the industrial layout, guide the agglomeration development, establish a key development zone of the textile industry, and promote industrial agglomeration and development; Resolutely free up space to support the development of high -quality enterprises in the industry; to accelerate technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness, encourage enterprises to develop, and continuously increase product added value; deepen digital transformation, enhance digital empowerment, accelerate the textile industry brain With the construction of the factory in the future, we will continuously improve the promotion of the "4+X" intelligent reform model; we must consolidate the security foundation, improve the level of safety, carry out targeted hidden danger investigation and rectification, take rigid measures to effectively improve the essence of textile enterprises; continue to improve Work plan, strengthen organizational guarantee, set higher work goals, and do a stronger matching forces. With a stronger sense of historical responsibility and urgency, we work hard for Lanxi's high -quality development.

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