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If you buy nylon thermal fuse, ask for Xielong Group
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Buying nylon thermal fuse to find Xielong. During the rapid development of China's economy, Xielong Group was a material textile, weaving, and dyeing supplier specializing in material textiles engaged in shoe textiles. It was founded in 1992. Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. We have offices such as Shishi, Jinjiang, Zhangping production bases, and Guangdong, with more than 300,000 square meters of factory area and a team of more than 700 employees.

Xielong Group has also continued to break through themselves, adheres to research and development and innovative products, continues to increase the types of products operating, and realize one -stop services for customers for customers. Editing materials and 3D flying upper. In addition, we formed Fujian Zhangping Xielong High -tech Chemical Co., Ltd., with an annual producing nylon hot melting and 8,000 tons / year.

Nylon thermal fuse can replace polypropylene and polyamide hot melting glue in some areas, and at the same time has its own application field. It is widely used in the textile fields such as hot air -style upper, yarn manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, seamless clothing locking of clothing, and soft yarn curtain vertical curtains.

Nylon thermal fuseperformance characteristics:

1. The melting point is low, and the melting point of the nylon hot melting is as low as 90C.

2. Good abrasion resistance, the abrasion resistance of polyamide fibers is better among all textile fibers.

3. High breakage strength, textile use polyamide fiber long fiber has a broken fiber of 5.0 ~ 6.4g/d.

4, good dyeing, polyamide fiber dyeing is more difficult than natural fiber, but it is still easy to stain than other synthetic fibers, and is generally dyed in acidic dye.

Essence Fujian Zhangping Xielong High -tech Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. leading products include:

(1) Nylon thermal fuse, we are a manufacturer with a large domestic production and sales, and the cost performance is among the best.

(2). The developed TPU special silk (dual composite) and other series of products fill the domestic gap.

(3). The launch of hot -melt oscillus has added vital army to hot -melt series products. The launch of new materials will provide products with environmentally friendly safety and excellent performance for shoes, clothing, bags, furniture, decoration and other industries.

Fujian ZhangpingXielong Group High-tech Chemical Fiber Company Co., Ltd. leading products of include:nylon thermal fuseTPU special filament, polyester thermal fuseTPU hot melt omentum, PA hot melt omentum,.The company has always adhered to the 3s core service tenet: "saving time, cost savings, saving losses", advocates a total of industrial value, and is committed to providing a better solution for the overall industrial chain. Plan, welcome to buy the nylon thermal fuse,polyester thermal fuse!

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